Music Producer, Sound Design - Skilly


Music Producer, Sound Design

Skilly Music – It's the sound that you deserve. That beat that makes you a better rapper. That soundtrack that touches your movie’s audience. That trailer music that perfectly accompanies your visuals. That mix that makes your song sound great. Music and sound is my passion and I'm striving to make your work stand out from the competition! = SOUNDBETTER ✅ - Chris


Full-time producer, mix & mastering eng. Work feat. on major TV&Radio stations. As official MFiT™️ studio I have written/prod./mixed Youtube viral hits (+3 million Hits), int. albums & singles. Easy and clear communication, whether having mixed Grammy Award winning producers or start-out-artist I always give you my best!

Have guitar, will travel! - Paul


Have guitar, will travel!

My name is Paul and I'm a professional guitar/ bass player for over 30 years. I am classically trained and got my degrees for Jazzguitar, Pop/Rock and composition. I love what I do and for me there's nothing greater than creating music with people that share my passion on a prof. level. No matter if creative or simply executive "playing ink".

Audio Engineer - Marcel


Audio Engineer

I've been an audio engineer at live venues, recording/mixing studios, and sound design studios for the last 16 years, for local & international projects and artists. I have also composed and produced music for a wide range of purposes like advertisements & audio books.

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