Folk / Acoustic Post Mixing

These professional audio post production mixers will masterfully bring together your production's dialog, SFX, music, and foley into a finished soundtrack

Remote Mixing, Recording - Christian


Remote Mixing, Recording

Hi! I am a musician and audio engineer. I grew up in a musical family performing at an early age and eventually being insatiably curious about my dad's home recording studio. Since then my passion for recording and mixing has turned into obsession. It's my joy when your idea comes to life and I am privileged to have had a helping hand in it.

Producer, Mixing/Mastering - Kylan


Producer, Mixing/Mastering

Hey, do you want to make rad music together? Let's do it! I've been writing, recording, and producing music since I was 15 and all I want to do is make sweet music with cool people.


Remote Mixing  - Thomas


Remote Mixing

Having years of learning and practice with some of the best studios, I want to provide artists with professional mixes at a reasonable cost. Your song or podcast will be brought to life with industry standard mixing equipment and plugins!


Rec, Mix & Master with love. - Estudio

Santa Ana

Rec, Mix & Master with love.

Still a musician, know what you want, feel what you feel.

2x Grammy winning mixer - MONOLisa


2x Grammy winning mixer

I am here to help my clients meet their needs and high expectations during every phase of a project. Whether hired to capture basic tracks, editing, or mixing, my idea of a successful session is hearing a client say, "What I'm hearing in this room sounds better than what I've been hearing in my head".

Surround Mixing and Mastering - BodyHz


Surround Mixing and Mastering

A filmmaker and mixing engineer with 15 years of experience looking to share his sound knowledge with like-minded creators.

Live/ Location Audio Recording - powerSound


Live/ Location Audio Recording

I am an experienced audio technician, who works in live event production. I also do location film audio, post production and music recording/ mixing.

Mastering for Online & Vinyl - Nathan


Mastering for Online & Vinyl

Hi, my name is Nathan James. I own and operate Vault Mastering and have been fortunate enough to work at some amazing studios in my career (Classic Sound, The Hit Factory, Jigsaw Sound, Masterdisk) and with some really great artists.

Songwriter and musician - Liam


Songwriter and musician

If you are looking for an indie sound, I'm your guy. I have an eclectic style (I can accommodate/ incorporate any musical influences you like) and I love film. I am very enthusiastic about contributing my to another medium. I am willing to work with you every step of the way and make the perfect musical accompaniment for your project.


Composer | Remote Mixing  - Ian


Composer | Remote Mixing

Avant-garde Composer, futuristic Mixing Engineering skills for music live instrumentation and Foley artist for Horror Films. Worked on Shungudzo's forthcoming album as co-producer (one track) and musician (two tracks). Composer & Sound Editor on FATE of a MaThoR (2021) Feature Film.


Mixing and Mastering - Gordon


Mixing and Mastering

I am a formally trained creative professional in the fields of music and audio technology. For 15 years I have worked professionally in Jazz, Folk, Classical, Rock, Alt-Rock, Christian/Worship and Film music. I do free-lance audio and music work while operating my video production company Overneath Creative on the side.

Music Producer/Composer - Tantrum

Buenos Aires

Music Producer/Composer

I'm looking forward to work from my home studio to anywhere in the world making what I do best: Film composing for films, radio, TV, and advertising.


Remote Mixing & Mastering - Juan

Mexico City

Remote Mixing & Mastering

I am a sound Engineer and Musicologist with more than 10 years of expierence. I´ve worked in more than 100 live recordings; that make me elaborate a recording methodology and of course a mixing methodology too. Most of those recordings are of acoustic music, Jazz, Folk and of course some Pop, Rock and Hip Hop music.

Tracking and Mixing Engineer - Sarah

New York

Tracking and Mixing Engineer

I specialize in vocal and live instrument tracking/mixing. I work remotely and freelance from different studios. Audio Arts and Acoustics degree from Columbia College Chicago.


Recording/Mixing Services - Pierre


Recording/Mixing Services

Freelance Sound Engineer , World Based :)


Producer/Mixer/Guitarist  - Will



A "halfway house" giving the opportunity to up and coming artists to showcase their incredible talent. A number of productions played on BBC Radio and other National Radio Stations. Music Production & Engineering Masters Graduate. Studio Owner at Bungalow Sound Studios.

Producer/Engineer/Guitarist - Solo

Los Angeles


Professional sound and music mixing and mastering, Experienced songwriter and producer. Can help take ideas to the next level to create a record. Graduated From SAE NYC for Audio Engineering

Mix, Master & SoundRestoration - ManGen


Mix, Master & SoundRestoration

You can find my reference work of mixes and masters on Spotify. My artist names on Spotify are ManGen (EDM) & Mansur Evindar (Kurdish & Turkish music).

Sound Design and Dialogue edit - Alysha

Los Angeles

Sound Design and Dialogue edit

At the core for me, it’s about the passion for creativity and striving to let people hear our stories. Which, is what I strive to do with any task. I hope I get the chance to provide my love of Film/TV/Game sound and knowledge of it to your project.


Remote Mixing & Mastering - Thom


Remote Mixing & Mastering

Passionate Audio Engineer and Songwriting professional, specializing in recording audio and creative sound design. Deep experience in the recording of clients and artists in a professional-level recording studio environment, as well as capturing audio through field recording. Classically trained musician and professional songwriter/arranger.

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