Anders Bjørn Rørbæk Pedersen

Music Producer

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Copenhagen based sound artist, musician, music producer, and programmer focused on techno/house and synth-wave.

As a sound artist, I am working with sound design, mixing & mastering and I have been scoring and doing sound design for commercials, virtual reality art installations, documentaries, and video games.

As a musician, I perform and release music as Audiolog and Pfeffermouse. Audiolog creates contemporary dark techno for the clubs, while Pfeffermouse is my synth-wave music project, which is much more melodic, 80's and video-gamey.

I also run my own music label Audiolog Music, which releases local-based electronic music, including Audiolog and Pfeffermouse.

I have an in Computer Science and a great passion for video games, video game music, and interactive sound systems so occasionally I do projects and video games that involve some kind of programming expertise.

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