Heavy Metal Pop-Rock Arranger

A great pop-rock song starts with solid structure. These songwriters and composers will transform your track into a radio-ready hit.

Producer, arranger & composer - Etienne




Producer, arranger & composer

Looking for a great production and a rich arrangement that will push your song to its full potential? In pop, electronic or metal, I work fast and efficiently until your song sounds the way you always wanted it.

'Guitarist','Sound Producer' - Mike




'Guitarist','Sound Producer'

composer, guitarist, sound producer with more than 15 years of experience


Musician, Arranger, Online Mix - Zanna


Musician, Arranger, Online Mix

Servizi per emergenti


High-Class Metal Mix & Master - AZURE


High-Class Metal Mix & Master

Do you want your song to sound like a massive international production? Hard hitting, brutal, but still with a clarity and transparency? Then AZURE AUDIO is your first choice for modern rock & metal. With passion, using only top-notch gear, we will - no matter how good the source material is - make your music sound the way it deserves it!

Studio Producer / Singer/ - James

Tel Aviv

Studio Producer / Singer/

Singer& Producer in various genres. From Metal to Pop, mainstream and underground. Graduated top of his class of Sound-School by Yoav Gera. Lead vocalist in several groups (Bartok, Cyclops, and others). Owns a very well equipped studio, to produce, mix and master every song or track.


Mixing/Producer/Guitarist - Benjamin



Los Angeles


I'm Benjamin Lechuga, mixing engineer composer and guitarist based in LA, California. Steve Vai chose me as the worldwide winner of the "Steve Vai Scholarship" to study electric guitar at the ICMP in London during 2011/2012. Reach out if you need rock/metal/pop guitars (live/studio) or you have a killer track that you need production/mixing.

Heavy Guitarist - Metal


Heavy Guitarist

Check out the song "GENESIS" by STARVE THE FLESH for a sample of a song I wrote! (Linked on Profile) I can write and record high quality guitar parts for metal. I love to be challenged! I would be thrilled to collaborate with other musicians and help them achieve their artistic vision! I will not make anything that I am not fully proud of!

Composer / Orchestrator - Matthew




Composer / Orchestrator

Looking to add that cinematic sound to your song? Perhaps a lush string section, a bombastic orchestra, or a grand choir to give it that sound you've been searching for? Whether you already have orchestral parts in mind, and just need them enhanced, or want to start from scratch, Matthew Van Driel will work closely with you to achieve your vision!

Mixing and mastering - Project

Karagandy 100000

Mixing and mastering

7 years experience in work, I work in the program Presonus Studio One 3. I specialize in metal and rock.


Mixing, Mastering, Producer - Andy




Mixing, Mastering, Producer

I work for the needs of musicians, so in the mixing range everything is with the formula "try & buy". Love to work on different genres (metal, rock, pop) with new bands and artists. I can guarantee fast response, top quality.

World-Class Session Bassist - Marco

Buenos Aires

World-Class Session Bassist

Hi there! I'm Marco Toba. I'm a professional bassist and producer who's worked on more than 200 albums from all around the world of all genres from Extreme Metal to Classic Jazz. You want to take your song to the next level? Just hit me up and let's start to work inmediately!

Session Guitarrist - Guitar

São Paulo

Session Guitarrist

searching for some good guitar tracks?

Music Producer, Guitar Player - Jorge


Music Producer, Guitar Player

Welcome, foolish mortals, to the Rattlesnake Profile, where you can find top quality music productions for your artistic project or business affairs.


Mix, Mastering, Session Guitar - Anders


Mix, Mastering, Session Guitar

Former Guitarist of UK Metal band Xerath (Candlelight Records) and UK Prog outfit The Custodian (Laser's Edge records). I offer Mixing/Mastering and Session Guitar Work.

Producer, Mixing & Mastering - Hat


Producer, Mixing & Mastering

Starting as a bass player/synth freak and continuing as an engineer, Nicolo has produced, engineered, mixed and mastered music from all genres, ranging from acoustic and pop to his normal clientele of EDM and Rock/Metal acts.


Guitarist, Session Musician - JD



Los Angeles

Guitarist, Session Musician

Playing guitar while riding a dragon...

Rock Songwriter, Guitarist - Leo




Rock Songwriter, Guitarist

Co-founder guitarist Hard rock/ metal band Flame. Songwriter, arranger, guitarist. I wrote in my career Pop rock songs as well. I'm very versatile musician, I can write songs in different styles from Deep Purple through Peter Gabriel to Seal.


'Session Guitarist' 'Producer' - Louis




'Session Guitarist' 'Producer'

Experienced session guitarist and music producer. I specialize in rock, punk, metal and everything in between. Owner of a studio and have produced award winning compositions. I have gigged and toured for years and have been on stage with many bands and artists.

Mixing & Master,  ProGuitarist - John




Mixing & Master, ProGuitarist

I Mix & Master your Pop, Rock or Metal tracks to commercial standards but can also arrange, record, and perform original professional guitar parts in any genre, heavy music being my specialty.


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