Live Drums, Percussion & Mixes - Marcelo



São Paulo

Live Drums, Percussion & Mixes

Experienced session drummer, studio owner, and music producer. I'm ready to do my best for your music.

Cellist and Music Producer - Bruno



São Paulo

Cellist and Music Producer

Experienced cellist and music producer from São Paulo, Brazil, ready to record for artists around the globe, in his own Studio using top quality gear.

Analog Mixing & Mastering - Jeff

São Paulo

Analog Mixing & Mastering

Mix and master your song with soul in a Analog NEVE V3 console and analog outboards like CBS limiters and EMT 140 plate reverb, EMT 251, NEVE 33609.

Mixing Engineer - Fabio



São Paulo

Mixing Engineer

Always in search of the best atmosphere to be printed in the songs. Analog warmth alongside with digital crazy possibilities. Give your mix the deepest sound palette.

Keys / Guitar / Bass / Flute - Mauricio



São Paulo

Keys / Guitar / Bass / Flute

My band is Bixiga 70 and I've been playing Keys, Guitar, Bass or Flute in concerts and records that cover almost the entire spectrum of cool Brazilian music, from Hip-Hop (Emicida, Edgar), to Jazz (João Donato, Marcos Valle), MPB (Gal Costa, Mateus Aleluia), Pop-Rock (Nando Reis, Paulo Miklos) and Soul (Liniker), and producing tracks and albums.

Gravação e trilhas - Freak

São Paulo

Gravação e trilhas

Estúdio de gravação e Produtora de Áudio. Responsável pelo Selo Freak de música independente.

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