Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with nickelododeon

Mixing & Mastering - Devin “MixedByBlk”

Song not quite sounding the way it is in your head? Well it’s not MixedByBlk

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Music Producer - Frederik Cupello

Currently working as a producer and mix & mastering engineer in Copenhagen. I have about 10 years of experience with music production and consider myself fluent in most mainstream genres. If you need cheap but professionally sounding mixes and masters, then i'm the man you're looking for!

Recording Studio - Nashville Music Doctor

Just because you can buy a scalpel doesn't make you a surgeon. The doctors are IN. Our RIAA-certified gold and multi-platinum awarded staff will cater to your every musical need. Our mission is to leave people in a better musical place than we find them and to leave a smile on every face that graces our door!

Mixing & Mastering - Miguel Batalha


Hey there! I have been mixing for some small artists, including myself. Have a look at the description and my portfolio and send me any questions you have! :)

Vocalist & Songwriter - SAIYAM

I'm the guy you'd call when you feel like your track needs more creativity! I can demo your song/work or write a great record also making your ideas come to life! I've been in the music industry just a little over a year and have already been professionally recording and writing records for other artists and myself & I am not even 20 yet!

Noise maker and researcher - DARSounds

Sociólogo - Cooperante - Musicólogo Constructor de Polígonos Sociales y coleccionista de ruidos La educación es política, la tecnología es un arma de instrucción masiva, la información es libre y se se contagia, la música transforma la conciencia sin que la conciencia sepa que transforma el mundo.

Tu Mandolina - Tu Mandolina

Si quieres Más información en esta tienda online sobre mandolinas de la que todos hablan, puedes entrar aquí, y lo tendrás todo al alcance de la mano. Puedes solicitar más información adicional que necesites en este blog, donde nuestros expertos realizan grandes artículos relacionados con todo lo referente a la cocina.

Reza Moosavi - Reza Moosavi

Musical Artist , Musician

Mix&Mastering Engineer - GGK Mastering

Mastering is like cooking , you need to know when to stop with the spices in order to be tasty. GGK Mastering will provide you with highest quality mastering, goldening your records and marking their full potential. As we strive to provide the best, there is no limit for revisions on our mixes and masters.

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