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Audio Specialist - Wilkenstein


Audio Specialist

I'm a multi-award winning Engineer, Composer & Sound Designer based in Scotland with studio specialising in Electronic music.


Music Production / Songwriting - Haus


Music Production / Songwriting

A Music Production / Songwriting Team. Dennis grow up artistically sharing the studio with the like of Martin Brammer, Sharon Vaughn and Yoad Nevo. Aleksandr's music have been broadcasted on the radio, including Pete Tong’s Essential Mix on BBC R1.

Trilingual Vocalist & Lyricist - Fahia


Trilingual Vocalist & Lyricist

If you are looking for a female vocalist to sing in English, Spanish or French, I am a great option for you! I can also provide English Lyrics and vocal melody for your song!

Engineer, Producer, Lyricist - Paxhon

Colorado Springs

Engineer, Producer, Lyricist

My specialty is imagery through lyrics and songwriting. I work at Sunshine Studios in Colorado Springs as an engineer. My best genres are pop and hip hop. Im a KMG certified engineer and a student at Full Sail University. Lets get your project done the way you want it!

Trumpet/ Flugelhorn/ Trombone - Kelly


Trumpet/ Flugelhorn/ Trombone

I can record trumpet, flugelhorn and trombone for you at a professional level, in all different styles. This can include funk, jazz, soul, rock and more. It can either be just a solo instrument track, or a full blown horn section, send me a message so we can create the perfect horns for your song!

Songwriter  - Justin



With over 200+ songs since 2015 and 130 million Spotify plays alone. Let me make you a hit I love writing for other artists. Get the plays you deserve.


Composer / Mixing & Mastering - Oldman


Composer / Mixing & Mastering

My life consists of two parts: first: working at EMI Music-learning the secrets of the music industry. Second: a composer, producer and certified sound engineer (mixing and mastering) - I thoughtfully collect sounds and notes in the world around me. It is not always possible to implement what you want, but be sure-my work is worth attention.

Singer/Songwriter/Producer - Patrick

North Carolina


Experienced producer/singer/multi instrumentalist/engineer who has worked with major artists (The Wrecks, Ashley Parker Angel). I can quickly and efficiently add vocals and harmonies to your track, along with additional arrangements to sweeten your sound/mix. I've got great analog gear we can run your tracks through and my own studio for workflow

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