Shahanaz M Meera

Rapper, Lyricist, Poet

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Let your projects soar with the symphonic magic of expertly crafted soundscapes!

Hello, world! I'm Shahanaz M Meera, or better be Shanz - a Software Engineer by day, but by night, I'm a melody maestro with over eight hundred songs swirling in the symphony of my imagination. These compositions, born from the depths of my soul, await their moment to dance into the world.

As a seeker of sonic adventures, I'm on a quest for kindred spirits—visionaries who dare to dream in chords and verses. Are you ready to dive into the creative cauldron with me? Together, we'll traverse the lush landscapes of pop's euphoria and rap's raw authenticity.

If you need a muse, a melody-maker, or a lyrical luminary, look no further. Whether you seek the dulcet tones of a female vocalist or the lyrical prowess of a wordsmith, I bring a kaleidoscope of possibilities to the table.

Let's craft sonic tapestries that transcend time and space, and together, we'll carve our names into the melody of eternity

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  • Hindi
NF - Remember

I was the voice in this production

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