Mix Engineer / Sound Painter - Alex

Los Angeles

Mix Engineer / Sound Painter

Hello, I'm a Mixing Engineer. I paint with sound. I can help you fulfill the vision that you have for your song or project by taking the ideas and creativity that are in your head, and making them come to life sonically so that we can all enjoy them. I will help you fulfill your vision through to the very end of the process!

Producer/Bassist/Mixing Eng. - Leslie

El Paso

Producer/Bassist/Mixing Eng.

I'm a professional music producer, session bassist and mixing engineer. I have produced/collaborated in the recording of over 40 albums. I have more than 10 years of experience working in projects in many different styles/genres. Many of my work include collaborations with Grammy-Award winning engineers and world class musicians.

Music Producer & keyboardist  - Hiram


Music Producer & keyboardist

Music Instructor, Keys player for Jesus Culture Sacramento

Recording studio, session Bass - Mardonio


Recording studio, session Bass

My name is Mardonio Cordoba i’m from Colombia I play in a band named generación 12 I'm sending any information about me and the band where I play the bass Links to Music & Social Networking www.generaciondoce.com facebook generacion12 twitter generacion_12 Instagram generacion_12

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