Keyboards & Production   - Troy




Keyboards & Production

Modern, relevant, keys, production and sounds crafted into unique parts for your song or record.

Mixing Engineer/Producer - Aidan




Mixing Engineer/Producer

My biggest passion is creating mixes that maintain dynamics, clarity, and musicality.

Recording studio, session Bass - Mardonio


Recording studio, session Bass

My name is Mardonio Cordoba i’m from Colombia I play in a band named generación 12 I'm sending any information about me and the band where I play the bass Links to Music & Social Networking facebook generacion12 twitter generacion_12 Instagram generacion_12

Mastering / Mixing / Post-prod - Balazs


Mastering / Mixing / Post-prod

Mixing and mastering engineer, has been involved in more than 1,000 productions over the past 10 years. Specializes in creative mixing and performance post-production. Let's work together to achieve a high quality goal. Contact me through the green button above and let's get to work!

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what can i do for you? creates - rezberry


what can i do for you? creates

sound designer graduated from the Trebas Institute in Montreal. I specialize in post-production, mixing, and sound effects but I also have a passion for music, I play guitar and piano, and my pleasure is to create ambience for video and logo intros. Mechanic and computer scientist by trade, I am comfortable solving complex problems.


Session Guitarist - Songwriter - Erick


Session Guitarist - Songwriter

Hello! I am an electric/acoustic session and live guitar player, as well as songwriter and music director. If you're looking for professional studio guitar tracks then let's make some music! I cover rhythm tracks, lead-solos, melodic lines, and ambient pads, along with acoustic finger-style and strumming.


Guitar + Songwriting + Synths  - Josef



New York

Guitar + Songwriting + Synths

we'll make it slap and then make it slap some more

Producer and audio engineer - Nicholas

São Paulo

Producer and audio engineer

Hello, I'm a Brazilian audio engineer, guitarist and producer. I Believe that my work as a producer and mixing/mastering engineer is to make the whole creating/recording/mixing process easy and enjoyable and to help translate that song into a real record, where you can hear what you were looking for!

Producer, engineer,artist - Castro

The Bronx

Producer, engineer,artist

My name is castro I have 15 years of experience making music. I am an audio engineer and producer i also make music myself if your in need of anything music related contact me I have great prices and even bulk deals.


Graphic Designer - John

New York

Graphic Designer

Outsource Photo Editing Service


Mixing and Mastering, Session - UP


Mixing and Mastering, Session

Hello, I'm Simon. I've been helping local underground bands in CT make music for the past 12 years and I'm looking to branch out and help like minded folks with their mixes . My methods are basic and fundamental, focusing on musician's performances. If you like raw and real, you've come to the right place.

Music Producer   - Leo

Los Angeles

Music Producer

I'll bring your vision to life.


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