Singer/ Songwriter/ Topliner - shrls



New Jersey

Singer/ Songwriter/ Topliner

Jazzy R&B singer to add some smooth tones to your tracks, Also specializing in Spanish vocals. With an ear for infectious melody, I always focus on mood first and then add lyrics after. I think a powerful song makes you feel emotions you didn't know you had.

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Mix & Mastering Engineer  - NILA


Mix & Mastering Engineer

I am a Mixing/Mastering Engineer over 10 Years experience. I specialise in Progressive House & Techno / Melodic House & Techno / EDM / Techhouse / Deephouse / and other electronic music. I have released on labels like Selador, Pangea, Limbo, Pro B Tech, Tarnished Tracks, Stripped Digital, Massive Harmony, BC2, Mirabilis and many more.

Record Producer and Musician - TebzaFunk


Record Producer and Musician

1 Album and 4 EP’s all released


Producer, Guitarist, Arranger - Nitzan

Tel Aviv

Producer, Guitarist, Arranger

Professional producer, guitar player and arranger Produce, arrange and play for several TV shows Looking for music & musicians to move my soul and body


Remote Mixing & Mastering - Claude


Remote Mixing & Mastering

songwriter, composer, sound engineer, session guitarist, producer with 20 years of industry experience

Session drummer, Live, Touring - Ryan


Session drummer, Live, Touring

Music Producer and Mixer - Jacob


Music Producer and Mixer

I will mix your track, and can help with production tweaks too. I will only accept payment once you're happy with how the track sounds, and will complete 2 revisions. I will help your record, and in return you will help me establish my portfolio.

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