Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with Los Prisioneros

Remote Mix & Mastering - Chalo González - G Masters

Rec/Mix/Mastering over 30 years

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 - JEM77 Studio

JEM77 Studio was founded with the vision to offer artists a creative space to realize their musical ideas, to accompany them during this process and provide support wherever it is needed. In addition to Music- and Audio-Productions, we offer services in Guitar-Tracking, Audio-Workshops and Acoustic measurement/treatment.

Producer, Songwriter, Singer - Tommy Parker aka Thomas L.

My name is Tommy Parker (aka Thomas Lumpkins And Also T. McClendon ). I'm a singer/songwriter/producer of all genres. I am a self-taught musician with over 20 years experience. I look forward to writing, producing, and/or providing vocals for your songs.

I ghostwrite for rappers - LxrdCrxm

I will write 2-3 standout verses at any length that will work best to the track. I’m going to base the work off what will perform the best not just a standard 16.

Mixing, producing, mastering. - David Keno

Producing and mixing since 20 years with hundreds of releases.

Producer, Session Player - Fede Petro


I’m a producer, multi-instrumentalist session musician & singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles, California. For the past 10 years I’ve produced, arranged & recorded for a wide range of up and coming and popular independent Folk, Rock, Americana, Soul, Pop, Latin, argentine Folklore artists from Argentina, Spain & the US. Free consultation!

DIY Artist Extraordinaire - Arg0ta

I'm a DIY artist who has spent the last 4 years learning anything and everything about music production (mainly on FL Studio, but your boy upgraded to Abelton so no worries there. ;) After the second year I thought "Okay now my skills could match my ideas"; finally I was able to combine my Songwriting and my Production to create a unique style!

Mixing, Mastering, Reamping - Evgeny Kuznetsov

"There is no right or wrong in our business. Do as your heart prompts and convey your emotions to the listener. And only then will you be successful." - and I am the conductor between your emotions and the listener)

Beat Boxing - ShaunaGarcia

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