Afrobeat Live drum tracks

Pro session drummers in every genre and tone to lay down live drum tracks on your songs

Session and Recording Drummer - Prince




Session and Recording Drummer

I’m a professional session , recording and stage drummer . I also love to engage with different styles of music and I work in my professional

Percussions and Drums - Hojay




Percussions and Drums

Hello there! My name is Hojay Barbs and I am a percussionist and drummer. I have few credits in film, jingles, commercials and more. I would like to be part of your amazing record and together we can make the finest music you have made yet.

Drums, Percussion, Sounds - Mathias



Los Angeles

Drums, Percussion, Sounds

Creative and well-versed drummer and percussionist. pandeiro, frame drums, sound design, film scores, endless sounds, home made instruments

Audio Engineer - njerumurimi


Audio Engineer

Sound engineering provides the opportunity to work with a team that specializes in audio; to work with a number of musicians and producers in live recording engineering, mixing engineering and media production; adapting to suit the needs of the sound system and the technical challenges of creating system designs for staging large productions.

Multi Percussions & Drums  - Cid


Multi Percussions & Drums

Contemporary, Recycled and Traditional. Studio & Live Percussionist / Drummer with own percussion-recording-studio in Berlin. Background on african, brazilian, funk, rock, reggae, electronic. I love to experiment with recycled percussion instruments, making music with daily objects and giving a touch of uniqueness to the songs.

I'm music producer, Musician - iBen


I'm music producer, Musician

I'm also a very fine multi instrument player, with much more strength on the piano/keyboards

Mixing, Mastering, Production - Shayan


Mixing, Mastering, Production

Latin Grammy nominated producer and mixing engineer

Recording and mixing engineer  - Juan


Recording and mixing engineer

Recording and mixing engineer with experience on different types of music. Our mixes are made with special taste on textures and sensitive ambience. We have a beautiful tracking room and a great control to make the best decisions.

Producer, Singer & Songwriter - Mychel


Producer, Singer & Songwriter

Hey. I'm a producer, drummer, singer and songwriter. I've been drumming all my life and producing for about half a decade. I specialize in Afrobeats, R&B tracks, World type beats and Soul.


Music Production, Sound Engine - Sound


Music Production, Sound Engine

We are a top grammy-nominated studio facility with a team of top producers and music engineers.


Recording/Mix/Mastering Studio - Soundbreed


Recording/Mix/Mastering Studio

We specialize majorly in Recording, Mixing and Mastering of singles and Album projects. We have recorded some awesome body of works over the years and we are proud of the standard quality we are known for. We have fantastic Musicians here who can bring your ideas to life ranging from Afro (Fela style) to any style of music you want.

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