Mixing & Mastering Engineers who worked with Lejana

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Photo of Gregor Schweiger

Mix your music in the most flexible mixing console on the market. The Fix. Bring your music of any genre to the next level.

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Photo of Serge M.

mixing, mastering, production of electronic music

Photo of Florian Fleischer

Creative recordings, Guitars, Pedalsteel and more..

Photo of Giacomo Pasquali

Guitar Player (lapsteel included), Producer and Mixing Engineer based in Abruzzo (Italy).

Photo of Alessio Meleo

Hi, my name is Alessio Meleo and are a sound engineer at the certificate C.R.E.A. in Italy (Research Center audiovisual processing). I have much experience in recording/mixing studios and working for many years with ProTools and Cubase and Wavelab, depending on the work that we must carry out (production, editing, mixing, mastering).

Photo of Cesar Benzoni

I'm a musician (mandolin, acoustic and electric guitar), producer and engineer based in São Paulo, Brazil. Yodel Studio is the place I work, my lovin home studio. And in this case I don't consider "home" as an amateur thing, but the most comfortable and inspiring place to work with my client's music.

Photo of Marco Bisi

Session musician, remote mixing, producing. Perfect pitch, songwriter, arranger.


Hi, I'm a music producer/songwriter from Nigeria, I major in Afrobeats, Trap and Dancehall! I've been producing professionally for 3years now!

Photo of Mechi Pieretti


Hi guys, I'm Mechi Pieretti! I have worked for Grammy Award Winner producers like KC Porter and Dianne Warren. Some of my jobs with Soundbetter clients have reached millions of streams in Spotify and Youtube. I have also written for Spinning records, Sony Music and recorded for Disney World.

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