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These curated pro keyboardists and session synth players will lay down tracks in whatever style, tone, or genre you need

Keys online across SM Platform - Notes

Bishop Auckland DL14

Keys online across SM Platform

Active across all social media platforms doing regular live shows, I have my own page and also perform on Instagram @RichardEllisHawley

Session PianoOnist - Chak!


Session PianoOnist

I make gestures with my hands, so I'm playing notes and movements together to give you the musical sense ...


ondes Martenot - Josh


ondes Martenot

UK-based ondes Martenot player. Bringing the ondes Martenot to people in new and different ways.

Composition, piano, improv - Ayaka

New York

Composition, piano, improv

Classically trained in Tokyo, I've journeyed through jazz, rock, funk, pop and metal over the past 25 years. Keenly sensitive to emotions in music, combined with Perfect Pitch and pitch-colour Synesthesia, I bring color and sensibility to music. I work with musicians to give direction to their compositions and kick start their projects.


Music Producer, pianist - Aleksandr

St Petersburg

Music Producer, pianist

Professional pianist, Music producer, session pianist/keyboardist


pianist and keyboarder - foxmusic


pianist and keyboarder

studied classical piano at UdK Berlin, home in various styles and genres, improviser and music maker


composer, arranger, pianist - Mrkeyboard


composer, arranger, pianist

I offer professional service for your projects. I won the 1st prize in the XI international piano composition contest “Fidelio 2020”.


Pianist, keyboardist, arranger - Alfredo


Pianist, keyboardist, arranger

I am an award-winning classical pianist with a knack for lifting other people's songs onto a different level - be it a rock, pop, or electronic track, I can give you the sound you are looking for with real piano, recording my Yamaha C3 in my studio, no samples nor virtual instruments.


Producer, Pianist and Composer - Emad


Producer, Pianist and Composer

I was born in 1995 and started playing the piano when I was 14 years old. Composing music has always been my passion. I'm a classically trained musician and I've written pieces in different genres, from electronic to classical, from pop to soundtrack for film and podcast. I'm interested in storytelling with music.

Pianist / Сomposer - Pol


Pianist / Сomposer

Pianist, keyboardist, composer.

Pianist / Producer / Composer - Gabriele


Pianist / Producer / Composer

An international concert pianist and composer but also a rock/pop keyboard and piano player dedicating 30+ years of experience to the beauty of music. Recently featured on Queen official webpage for the project "Sheer Piano Attack". Known worldwide for his performances with legendary pianist Martha Argerich.

Session Pianist/Music Producer - Birraj

New Delhi

Session Pianist/Music Producer

Pianist educated and experienced in jazz, contemporary, classical, music. I'm a composer and producer as well, can make orchestral, hybrid soundtracks, background and trailer music


Session Pianist - Lester

Cape Town

Session Pianist

Piano performance university music graduate with more than 15 years experience in the music industry. Experience in classical and contemporary music styles.


Composer, Pianist, Bass player - bemol


Composer, Pianist, Bass player

Award winning pianist, classically trained, with experience in multiple genres


Session Pianist, and Composer - Elias


Session Pianist, and Composer

Toronto based professional award winning post minimalit pianist and music composer with 3 commercially released albums, and a Masters from the Royal Northern College of Music. I am currently pursuing my Doctorate at the University of Toronto. Aside from composing music and teaching, I spend my time arranging music for a variety of ensembles.

Pianist, keyboardist, producer - Matt

Los Angeles

Pianist, keyboardist, producer

Classically trained pianist who has branched out into jazz, pop, and rock. I can provide anything from neo-soul chord voicings, lush synth textures, shreddy leads, or ballad accompaniment.

Producer/keys session player - Philip


Producer/keys session player

I specialize in providing acoustic piano overdubs (felt piano, upright, grand, etc...). My background in composing/classical music study/performing/improvising along with my studio instruments/gear (several uprights, vintage keyboards, mics, preamps, etc..) and more equips me to take your tracks to a new level with the addition of keys.


Pianist/Arranger/Orchestrator - Manuel

Buenos Aires


Sharing, teaching, and making music is my passion. Contact me for your project!


Pianist & composer - Hugo


Pianist & composer

Always open to create new things.

Pianist&Composer/Self-Recordin - Wataru



I am a Japanese modern-classical/experimental pianist and composer,and also the leader of Gecko&Tokage Parade,which is a Japanese fusion/instrumental band.


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