Ayaka Matsui

Composition, piano, improv

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Classically trained in Tokyo, I've journeyed through jazz, rock, funk, pop and metal over the past 25 years. Keenly sensitive to emotions in music, combined with Perfect Pitch and pitch-colour Synesthesia, I bring color and sensibility to music. I work with musicians to give direction to their compositions and kick start their projects.

I started playing piano when I was 2 years old, and am classically trained (including music theory and composition). I have been performing jazz, rock, metal, musicals, pop and improv.

Since I moved to NYC in 2019, bands have been using my services to push forward their creative process, at the very early stages of their projects (initial music composition).

At a high level, the process looks like this:

Session 1:
-The client will describe how they want the song to feel, and the basic rhythm that they envision
-Based on that I will improvise chord progressions for the different parts of the song
-The client will be giving me real time feedback and we will choose the right harmony
-Afterwards, I will also help with the melody and how it fits with the progression working with the singer, instrument player, etc.

Session 2 (optional):
-After Session 1, the client will develop the song on their own, and will at times bring me back in to polish the harmony and melody

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Terms Of Service

Session 1: generally 60-90 mins, with 2 revisions remotely after session

Session 2 (optional) 60 mins

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