Songwriter,Guitarist, Producer - Brian

Los Angeles

Songwriter,Guitarist, Producer

Brian is a songwriter, composer, and guitarist. A graduate of Berklee College Of Music, he has written songs for EDM artists on Bad Dino Music, recorded guitar for Disney and Barry Manilow LIVE and was nominated for "Best Original Score" for the web series, “Sweethearts Of The Galaxy”. He is currently a contributing composer for Scorekeepers Music.

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Mixing Engineer - Daniel

Los Angeles

Mixing Engineer

Mix engineer looking to take on new clients. Worked at a few major studios in Los Angeles doing assistant work. Always looking for new talented musicians to work with. Feel free to reach out with any questions!

Sound Design, Mix and Master - Rafael


Sound Design, Mix and Master

I'm an experienced Sound Engineer and have all the industry-standard tools to make your songs sound professional and ready for all the major streaming platforms. I specialise in Sound Design, Mixing and Mastering.

Versatile singer-songwriter - Riannti


Versatile singer-songwriter

Singer-songwriter from Jakarta, Indonesia. Has experience collaborating with various artists in genres ranging from Pop, Country, Adult Contemporary to House. Active for more than 5 years as a professional singer and has released 2 albums with original material so far. Always working on more!


Produce, record, mix & master - Supernova


Produce, record, mix & master

Musicians producing musicians. Recording, mixing and mastering with creativity.

Mixing & Mastering - Normann


Mixing & Mastering

I want to help new and established artist to get the sound they want. For me it is essential that the mix is exciting to listen to and that the artist is 100% satisfied with the results.


Producer, Composer, Mixer - Timothy


Producer, Composer, Mixer

Hello! My name is Timothy William, and I would love to help produce your next track or album! Feel free to reach out to me directly for examples, check out my listed work on my Soundbetter page, or let's start a conversation!

Mixing, Hip-Hop Vocalist - Austin


Mixing, Hip-Hop Vocalist

Hi, I'm Austin. I've been Writing Songs, Recording, Mixing and Mastering for about 7 years Now. I've had success in Ohio as a Hip-Hop artist and would love to help you take your project to the Next level at an affordable cost! I'd love to Mix your song or feature on your song as a Hip-Hop Artist. Check out my Music to see what I can do!


5.1 mixing and sound design - Cool


5.1 mixing and sound design

Cool Tunes is run by Guy Wenger, who has over 30 years recording and mixing experience. Guy speaks english, spanish and portuguese fluently, is versatile and manages to bring something fresh to each project.

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