Engineer / Producer / Drummer - Jonathan



Los Angeles

Engineer / Producer / Drummer

I'm a drummer, engineer and producer with an affinity for big open drums and unique soundscapes.

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music producer - p1ll

St. Petersburg

music producer

Im here just for doin new stylish types, about 1 year of practice, makin cheap and juicy


Recording, Mixing, Mastering - ESQ


Recording, Mixing, Mastering

Preston based recording/mixing/mastering engineer. 6 Years industry experience, in both analogue and digital formats.


Music Production & Recording - Soundheroes


Music Production & Recording

“I strongly believe that the way to good music and creating art, lies in building relationships and the chemistry between people. Music is a language. For me the foundation is you and your music. That special something, it’s allready there. I just help to bring it out and tie it all together. Great sound makes heroes” - Nathan van Espelo - SH


Music Production Studio  - ALC


Music Production Studio

Welcome to ALC Sound Design Studio. We are a team of sound designers, musicians, experts, who collaborate in the field of music production with the aim of producing emerging and professional artists and providing absolutely professional services in the music world.


Singer/Rapper - Yo

United States




Remote Mixing & Mastering - NoNameMusic


Remote Mixing & Mastering

Take your tracks to the next level of professionalism with an easy-listening, warm, punchy but exciting mix and glossy post-production (I don't do IRC codes so I won't use the term "Master"). Analog and analog-emulated equipment paired with experienced ears work together to ensure making your music sound it's best while preserving your vision!

Music &Film Producer/Composer  - Anthony

New York

Music &Film Producer/Composer

Hello, My name is Anthony. I am a Music Producer/ Composer/ Pianist. I love making music of various genres. I am ready to collaborate with you on your next project. Contact me so I can help with your project


All genre music  - Messon

Los Angeles

All genre music

Messon Jay-B available on all platforms. I’ve published a few songs And I got a new album coming on January 7th 2020

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