Studio musician: Ethnic winds - Powerflute

8864 Reichenburg

Studio musician: Ethnic winds

Sandro Friedrich is a studio musician who plays over 200 different flutes and other wind instruments from all over the world (duduk, fujara, didgeridoo, low whistle, tin whistle, bass flute, traverse flute, soprano sax, jews harp, bag pipes, etc.)

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Record producer - Kipras


Record producer

Do you look how to get professional sound on your record? Let me take care of it. I am writer, producer, mixer for internationally aclaimed artist AISTÈ as well as many other artist from Hip hop to EDM and everything in beetween. My records played have been played on BBC, CapitalFm, LTV radio stations

Cellist | Producer | Mixing  - Justas


Cellist | Producer | Mixing

I write, record and produce very professional and magical cello tracks for any project. I've worked with many well known artists on a lot of different genres as well as different projects including Film music and commercials.


Music Producer/Mixing Engineer - Brian

San Diego

Music Producer/Mixing Engineer

I am a professional music producer and mixing/mastering engineer with over 13 years experience with Pro Tools and mixing, as well as a Bachelor's degree in Music Production. Wether you need a song mixed, mastered, or completely written and arranged, together we can create your dream record without breaking the bank!

Engineer,producer, artist, SD - Rob

Valley Village

Engineer,producer, artist, SD

I am a music producer, singer/songwriter, engineer, artist and sound designer. Let me help you create you next project and let’s make it the best!!

 Singer, Songwriter, Keys - Julianna


Singer, Songwriter, Keys

Professional Atlanta-based singer-songwriter. I channel melodies in seconds inspired by tribal, soul, house, hip-hop, & pop music. 15 years of lessons, performances, and recording / writing songs for 8. I specialize in harmony, songwriting, and house music. I debuted at Imagine Music Festival in 2016-17. Performed live on Atlanta's NPR Dec 2018.

Mixing & Mastering - Killumall

San Rafael

Mixing & Mastering

Killumall Media specializes in quality Mixing and Mastering for artists and independent labels without the big budget.

Live and Session Drummer - Zak

Los Angeles

Live and Session Drummer

I have a degree in Jazz Performance from Bowling Green State University. I am versatile in many styles. Throughout my 19 years of playing, I've performed and recorded with several groups varying from rock to hip hop to jazz. I currently work at Disneyland and sub for Saved By The 90s.

Mixing & Mastering Engineer - Sergey


Mixing & Mastering Engineer

Welcome! My name is Sergey, I already 15 years work with sound - mixing, mastering, producing. 15 years I have been working in the Studio and 10 years working in parallel as a sound engineer at live bands at concerts and festivals in Germany, Spain, Nederland, Slovakia, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan.

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