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Multi-genre vocalist and composer/arranger specializing in pop, rock, theatre and classical genre.

I am a graduate of Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA where I studied Classical Composition, Contemporary Writing & Production and minored in Conducting as a Piano-Voice principle. I am also the front man of an alt-rock band where I write, arrange and perform rock music with a base of hard rock, metal and punk rock built up with many other genre of music here in NYC. Before all of that, I began my musical career as a classical pianist, clarinetist and classically trained baritone tenor where I performed in The Bahamas and the US as a solo act and in various ensemble. I've written for everything from a singer-songwriter on guitar to orchestral choir to big film. I've also released music as a solo pop rock artist, with my band and as a songwriter/arranger/producer for several contemporary artists.

Ah... That's quite a lot in one jumbled paragraph, but I really just like creating music. And I put my very own touch on any project presented to me. I've been at it for years, and I'm simultaneously preparing for grad school as well as a big LP release. Anything I work on, I absorb and grow. My influences are wide, and I'm excited about working with others because I believe everybody can be creative in some way shape or form. And the real brag is that I'm very good at bringing that creativity out. You'd be surprised what we can do together. :)

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Interview with Noshi

  1. Q: Describe the most common type of work you do for your clients.

  2. A: I write and compose original music in most genre but particularly excel in pop, rock, theater, classical and film. This includes anywhere from music for full orchestra/choir to ambient synth pads. Secondly, I arrange for all these genre and ensemble as well, and on the electronic side of things, my writing includes sound design where I can take field recordings (such as rustling leaves, for example) and incorporate it into my music as instruments, ambience and effects. I'm a classically trained pianist and clarinetist. So, I have recorded intermediate to advanced pieces for theater, classical and film on my own for these instruments. But I've also recorded more intermediate recordings for contemporary genre. I am a multi-genre vocalist trained in both classical and contemporary music; classical baritone, contemporary baritone-tenor. Like my other instruments, I record for voice just the same, intermediate to advanced in English, Spanish, Italian and Japanese. I am an experienced producer and executive producer, meaning I have worked as a recording engineer and mixing engineer. And I've also spare-headed products by finding and managing talent to be recorded. I use multiple DAW, software and hardware doing home and field recordings, live and studio recordings and electronic productions. Though I have mastered several projects, I am not trained in Mastering as I am in engineer and production. To master, I sometimes reach out to a trained colleague that may fit industry norms better than myself.

Night and Day by Noshi

I was the Singer, Writer and Arranger in this production

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