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I'm Edoardo Lupicuti and "Darkside" is my production, mixing and mastering studio. I usually work with all genres but i'm specialized with Techno, EDM and HipHop. As affermated Techno producer i offer also services like co-production and sound design. I will help you to take your songs to the next level.

Edoardo started his Engineering career around 2010.

He produced beats, recorded vocals and already did his first attempts of mixing and mastering. During the same time he also started to experiment with all sorts of electronic dance music.

In 2013 he decided to make a career out of music/engineering so he started his studies at the Saint Louis Music School in Rome, Italy where he took his degree as Sound Engineer.

From that moment on he started to work as mixing & mastering engineer and sound designer.

Now he is an affermated producer in the Techno and EDM scene as "RHZ" and "00100".

Darkside Studio data sheet :

Professional acoustic treatment


- MONITORS : Dynaudio BM6a Classics, Yamaha HS8, KRK 10s

- HARDWARE SYNTHESIZERS : Behringer Neutron, MAM mb33, Korg EMX, Roland TB-3

- OUTBOARD FX : Sherman Filterbank, TC Electronic Fangs, Beringher UM300

- CONTROLLERS : Native Instrument Komplete 49, Akai MPD219, Presonus Faderport Classic, Elgato

- HEADPHONES : Sennehiser HD650, Focal Spirit Professional

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Gear Highlights
  • Dynaudio BM6a
  • Yamaha HS8
  • Native Instrument Komplete
  • Sherman Filterbank
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