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Music producer  - CAL-i




Music producer

I can make a beat out of anything and make it a masterpiece!

"Session singer" - Petar/Studio


"Session singer"

My name is Petar Nižić.I am from Split in Croatia.I have my home studio and i am singer and songwriter/producent I can help you with mixing and aranging too!!


null - Jonathan


A graduate from The Conservatory or Recording Arts and Sciences as an Audio Engineer. An accomplished FOH and Monitor Engineer, Studio and Mix Engineer.

music producer,songwriting,AD - Yannick


music producer,songwriting,AD

Pianist, Performer, Author-Composer, specialist of African Fang-Beti sounds which he has made a science, In 2010, he created the NTY Label Group. Much more than a passion, music is part of him. He loves to listen to all kinds of world music and especially to put himself at the service of others to help them propel themselves.


Compose-Arrange-Produce-Mix - Li

New York


Li Zong is a composer, producer, designer and performer of music. Lead and vocal of electronica band THE EITHER.


Guitarist and Sound Engineer - Miguel


Guitarist and Sound Engineer

I'm a Guitarist and Recording Engineer that currently focus on Session Guitar work, Guitar Reamping, Recording and Mixing. I also work as a Recording Engineer/Producer outside of my space (which only has the capacity for professional guitar, vocal and mixing work). Limited portfolio (live work takes my time), but a lot of experience.

Drums | Percussion | Mix - Pedro

São Paulo

Drums | Percussion | Mix

Experienced drummer and percussionist with bachelor in Music. Studio Record owner with a extremely wide range of Drums and percussion instruments. Have also available the best microphones to record and mix.

Music Producer - CASPR


Music Producer

I am all about creating something new.

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