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Music Producer/Songwriter - A-dubb


Music Producer/Songwriter - If you want a producer who cares about his clients and will help create you a hit song, then let’s talk. I produce for artists of all genres. I take the time to understand your vibe so that the outcome of the song is to your full liking and will be conceived well by your listeners. You have to feel the music you create.

Singer/Songwriter, Voice Overs - Karen Inder


I am a Singer/Songwriter, experienced session singer and vocal coach with a professional home recording setup. I was signed to Universal Music Mexico for 5 years with my band, Satin Dolls. I have worked with Grammy Award Winning Producer, Tony Peluso (The Carpenters etc) and Phil Vinall (Radiohead etc). I am currently based out of Miami.

Songwriter/Singer/ R&B lover - Britney Jayy


I am a natural born songwriter, who has worked with mostly independent artists. I write from the heart, and I thrive to connect people to my music through lyrics. I am an R&B enthusiast but I am open to writing ANYthing your heart and soul desires.♥

Professional Audio Mastering - Julian Lowe @ JML Mastering


With over 25 years’ experience as a mastering engineer, I can deliver the best results from your mixes, adding punch, polish and that professional touch, as well as meeting all your editing requirements, from radio edits through to album compilation & sequencing.

Singer-Songwriter  - Ali

If you need vocals for a demo, I'm your guy. quick turn-around & willing to go the extra mile to ensure returning clientele.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Bryant Fars

Let your ambition carry you

Recording Studio, Producer,  - Subs and Symphonies

Kanye West, All of The Lights and Monster| Young Jeezy, Vacation, My President| Drake feat. The Weekend Crew Love

Session Saxophonist - CubanTenor

I’m a Grammy award winning Jazz and contemporary music saxophonist with over 30 years of experience in a wide variety of musical genres. I play with a rich, warm tenor saxophone sound and would love to enhance your project in the jazz, contemporary, rock or any genre in which you’d love a saxophone. I’m also a flute and clarinet player.

Songwriter - Ggod

I've been doing music for 28 years, rapping. I can write R+B and hiphop style songs as well as commercials or unique projects

Producers & Sound Design  - OBSCUR8

Producers, Songwriters, Sound Designers and Artists looking to make timeless music.

Music Producer, Arranger, Keys - Luke Denton


I'm a music producer in northern VA with years of experience and a proven track record of quality projects. I am a professional composer/arranger for TV and other media, but my passion is taking others' songs and making them them best and most marketable they can be.

Music Producer/Audio Engineer - Christopher I Summers

Since 2008, Chris Summers has invested, harvested and crafted his skill in music production and aims to match up towards the professionals in the music industry. After earning his BSc in Media Arts and Studies from Ohio University, he has went on to capitalize his strengths in online mixing and mastering, remixing and beat-making.

Recording Studio/Keyboardist - Robert Lippmann

Recording/mixing engineer and session keyboard player.

Session Drummer - Fatback

Been playing for 30+ years. Pocket or not, I can do what you need. Tight with a click and won't record without it.

Live sound and recording tech - Anthelme C. Chadare

Mixing engineer, studio technician, live sound engineer, front of house engineer, monitor engineer and Dj

Music Producer / Beat Maker - Fury Beats

If you are tired of sounding too similar to the next artist and want something unique but sounds great, I'm your guy.

Producer-Songwriter/Singer+Rap - Marcus Saint

Multi-genre singer-songwriter AND producer! I'll make you a hit that sticks like grits!

Mixing & Mastering, Beats - MixedByAdamWest

Look no further and come get that Quality A1 sound

WordSmith , Beat Selector, - NoLifeCell

You can search NoLifeCell and go through the catalog. I like my work to speak for itself.

Mixing, producing & mastering - Dogcreek

Dogcreek Digital Audio - Recording Audio - Mastering Excellence

Songwriter,Singer,Content Dev. - Abraham P. Kallon (Detrench)

I can lyrically write your ideas for song. I can do background vocals, and/or feature on your project. I can also direct tune pitch melody and arrange your music. I can script, direct, shoot and edit your visual content for social media platform and blog. I can design your 6 pages webapp digital/physical product store. I can Animate your ideas.

Topliner / Vocalist - Rozee

Established, versatile and intuitive songwriter, ready to help write your next Hit! So, what are you waiting for? Let's get to work!

Rapper - Ninefve

"Ninefve The iLLest!"

Hip Hop Producer - Ghostranostra

I inspire your favorite artist.

music engineer and artist  - JC

I currently have been mixing for 7 months. My job is to try to make the best music possible and always to put my all into my work. I can work with all budgets I look forward to working together in the future.

Engineer, producer, artist - Gatorade9000

Welcome to the ic9 experience. Let me guide you and teach you the ropes on how to make nothing but them Platinum plaques

Hooks, Versus, Vocal Mixing - Bennyquoi

I typically write cryptically with the versus giving leading information to the chorus so the listener has something to think about and solve, thus them coming back for more. My vocal mixing style, be it over a unmastered track or a stemed out session, depends on the quality of the track at hand and the artist tone.

singer, songwriter, poetic - Nova Gray

Dope Melodies, Spoken Word, Word Play

Artist, Writer and Drummer - Arturo Lord

Here to help artist with their music. I can write in English and Spanish.

Recording Studio - XRJ Sessions | XRJ Foundation

XRJ Sessions is a nonprofit professional HD Recording Facility where all session proceeds directly fund STEAM Education for students aged 13 and up.

Composer/Arranger, Trombone - Cam Millar Music

Multi-genre composer/arranger and trombone player with years of pro-experience in Canada and the USA.

 - Paul Fronc

I provide sound services for live events and the theatrical / performing arts .

 - herecy

J. Loren: composer, vocalist and violinist best known as the from man for the group HURT

techno - ramzgt

Tracking, mixing, mastering, - Sound King Studio

Hello, my name is Dustin Marshall I also go by DJ or Skooly, Ive been recording and mixing for over 20 years. Protools HD & Logic Pro and a ton of other gear.

mixing, editing, production - Evan Crosby

I've been recording myself and my friends for over a decade and am interested in exploring other people's music. Since I'm just starting out on this site, I'll work for cheap.

Composer and Music Producer. - Harry Joel

Hello , My Name is Harry Joel, I am a Composer, Music Producer and Song Writter in the Maryland, Virginia Washington DC area . I have a degree in Music Technology and have been creating, composing and mixing music for 10 years. Feel Free to Contact Me

Recording, Mixing, Mastering - Freedom Is Loud

I have practiced audio post production in all its forms (editing, mixing, mastering) for five years. I am proficient in ProTools, Logic Pro X, and Ableton Live. I can take your audio stems and turn them into professional quality sounds quickly and for a reasonable price.

Music Producer, Songwriter - Gee Stoddard

“I believe that there is great talent in the DMV (Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia) area. My goal is discover and develop amazing talent that have never been discovered.

Songwriting,singing - Shayla from Rebellious Rejects

Specialize in writing deep sad and depressing music.

Music Producer & Educator - Keypoint Productions

An all around Music Production wizard, my skills cover all aspects of an studio performance. I perform, record, mix, produce and instruct. I've created songs, jingles & DJ tags. I don't track song vocals, but have produced voiceovers for politicians & schools. If you're in need of a music producer/instructor or need a dj tag, contact Keypoint

Session bassist, remote mixing - Sam D'Agostino

Bassist, post-producer, and podcast editor and mixer. Have toured and performed with groups including David Wax Museum, Kingsley Flood, and bluegrass bands around the Mid-Atlantic. I turn around projects quickly and professionally, and also available for recording projects in the DC area.

Music Producer - Emanuel Ector

I'm a composer/bass player who works in many genres including pop,jazz,rock,reggae,calypso(soca),classical and anything that comes to my mind as a creator of music. I've arranged and produced for many Caribbean artists in the past, and my works can be heard on YouTube.

Mix Engineer - Garrett Mann + audiowav3

I have produced tracks for Lil Scrappy, Maino, Chris O’Bannon and more. My teams production name is “audiowav3”

Music Producer For Trap/HipHop - Mark Ice Beats

I like to take time to put effort and quality into my beats and won't send any beats if there not good.

Lyricist  - Tess Layer

If you’re struggling to write lyrics to a song, or just can’t put the emotion of your song into words, let’s work together to create something powerful, emotive, and memorable.

Music Producer, Sound Designer - Soulful Solomon

Solomon has been writing, composing and producing since 2007. As of today Solomon is working with different bands, artists and studios utilizing his audio/visual talents to build the brand and make new connections. IG: @SoulfulSolomon

Songwriter/ Singer/ Vocal Prod - DanniBaylor

Danni Baylor is a BMI Affiliated, Billboard recognized, Singer-songwriter with the versatility to switch seamlessly between genres. She co-wrote and vocal arranged Fantasia's latest hit single "Enough". Her vocals have been featured on Grammy Award winning albums. Your one-stop shop.

Singer, songwriter, producer - Chris Timbers

I’m a singer/songwriter/producer/session guitar player with over 20 years experience. Both on the business and performance side. I’m endorsed by Godin Guitars and I’m a published songwriter. I’m all about making music great!!!

Singer/Songwriter/Vocalist - Just4now


Hey my name is Jus4now. Im a singer, songwriter ,demo vocalist from Maryland. I am a fast responder with great turn around time. I can make dope concepts with all genres of music, which makes me really passionate about my craft. Love to take songs and make them seem genuine like a story. Let me know if my sound is perfect for what your vision is.

Producer & Audio Engineer - Audio Rec Room

I currently run my own music production and consulting company. Over the years we have worked on some amazing projects. Check out my company at

Vocalist/Songwriter - LaShawna Wright Moore

Hi! I am a worshipper who has a heart for jazz! If you are looking for songs that mesh the two, then you’ve found your next great song! My style was featured on BET Gospel for the legendary Dr. Bobby Jones where I sang and “scatted” the gospel!

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Boutique Sound Studio

Boutique Sound Studio is a modern recording and production studio specialized in EDM, Hip-Hop, Reggeaton, and Rock genres. Our goal is to deliver the professional and radio-ready music to our clients via the combination of vintage and modern analog hardwares.

produce and perform - WDR STUDIOS NEW YORK

in studio with THX, a former drummer from anasarca..and a royal techno and classical composer

Producer/Mix Engineer  - Esan Myers

I am a trained musician that is capable of producing and mixing intricate tracks to make them stand out.

Music Producer- Session Keys - Leonardo Garcia

Leonardo Garcia - an accomplished keyboardist, pianist, composer, and arranger. Styles include Jazz, Latin and Salsa, and Rock/Fusion.

Audio Engineer, Producer - Ayeoso

Come lock in with the best Engineer in the DMV!!!

Singer/Songwriter,Beat Creator - Lyphe

Just take a chance and see what I’m made of.

MelodicTechno Mixing&Mastering - GiØ.

Available to bring your productions to the next level whether it's mixing or mastering. Specialized in Techno , Melodic Techno , House Music .

Recording, Mixing & Mastering - Rankine Records

“...Like everything sounds separated, like the voices sound like they're kind of in front of you and to the sides, and the 808 sounds like it's in the middle but under everything, so really well mixed…” -Busy Works Beats

 - Dante Holton

Mastering Hip hop, R&B and Pop.

Guitar, Bass, Vocals - Angelo

I'm a composer and a musician that specializes in guitars, bass, and vocals and I'm here to help musicians and bands get their music where they want it to get to.

Production, Mixing & Mastering - Black Idol Entertainment

We are located in the Washington DC area and have over 20 years of combined experience in music production, mixing, and mastering.

Sound Track Vocalist  - Julie Marie

I am a soundtrack vocalist who is will sing phrases or lyrics for your song.

Singer/Songwriter - Cortez D. West III

New R&B "WestTheThird" singer/songwriter.

Banjo Artist and Songwriter  - Jacob Panic

I am banjo player specializing in Scruggs and Melodic style banjo! I am influenced by all music from bluegrass-heavy metal. I received a scholarship to study with Pete Wernick (aka Dr Banjo). I have performed and recorded with many acts, giving me a wide range of musical capabilities. Thanks for checking me out!

Lyrics songwriter, singer - Ivan Flores

I write lyrics based on my life and give then the melody, sometimes even from visuals

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