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Photo of Ranieri & Emanuela

Ranieri & Emanuela

Lead+Backing voices, creations
Turin, Italy
15 Reviews
  • Singer - Male - $150/Song
  • Singer - Female - $150/Song
  • Top line writer (vocal melody) - $300/Song
  • 2 More...
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pro-singers male & female:great experience as session vocalists, top lines and choirs creations. we work for hire for productions,broadcasts,jingles,albums,tours. Own high quality recording studio. We read music We always help the client find the best solution for his creation. We speak and sing in : Italian,English,Portuguese,Spanish,French

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Photo of Daniel James

Daniel James

Doing all the editing you hate
Boston, MA, USA
  • Editing - $40/Track
  • Vocal comping - $40/Track
  • Vocal Tuning - $40/Track
  • 4 More...

Do you dislike comping, reamping, multi-track drum editing, drum replacement, time aligning, vocal tuning, vocal aligning, tempo mapping, dialogue editing, printing stems, converting audio to midi, and organizing sessions? I don't.

Photo of Glenn Carter

Glenn Carter

Singer Songwriter producer.
San Francisco, CA, USA
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    I am a British Singer Songwriter guitarist based in Northern California. Lots of experience ewith demo work and producing . Released debut album Redwood Road in 2010

    Photo of Yojance


    Songwriter, Producer, Vocalist
    Bronx County, NY, USA
    • Songwriter - Lyrics - $50/Song
    • Singer - Male - $100/Song
    • Beat Makers - $200/Song

    I'm Yojance, a new upcoming singer in USA. currently residing in NYC. I've studied Music Business at Touro College, currently working on music. all music self written.

    Photo of Tom Chadwick

    Tom Chadwick

    Music Producer
    London, UK
    6 Reviews
    • Mixing Engineers
    • Mastering Engineers - $70/Song
    • Producers
    • 4 More...

    Hi! I'm Tom, an English audio-geek that grew up in Dubai. I am a Bachelor of Audio Production, and I specialise in the production of rock music. I am open-minded and love adding my creativity to the music I produce. As well as rock music, I also enjoy working with blues, country, and metal - amongst others. I also offer post-production services.

    Photo of Godspeed Media

    Godspeed Media

    Music Production facility
    Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico
    • Full instrumental productions - $500/Song
    • Songwriter - Music - $300/Song
    • Producers - $800/Song
    • 4 More...

    Godspeed Media is a professional recording studio and production facility located in Guadalajara, Mexico. We enjoy to record, produce mix and promote new artists. _______________________ Godspeed Media es un sello discográfico y estudio de grabación profesional en Guadalajara, Jalisco México Visit: www.godspeedmedia.com

    Photo of Nikita Filonenko

    Nikita Filonenko

    Remote Mixing & Mastering
    Moscow, Russia
    • Mixing Engineers - $150/Song
    • Mastering Engineers - $50/Song
    • Post Mixing - $150/Minute
    • 4 More...
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    I'm professional audio engineer and studio owner. I have big mixing experience in all music genres. My goal is to make your music sound better, to make you happy with it. I work hard for every project and always achieve perfect result.

    Photo of audipro09


    mix & mastering, producer
    Caracas, Venezuela
    • Mixing Engineers - $200/Song
    • Mastering Engineers - $100/Song
    • Editing - $200/Track
    • 4 More...

    delivered 100% to work so that the client feels comfortable with meeting their requirements.

    Photo of Jorge Alvarez

    Jorge Alvarez

    Remote Mixing and Mastering
    Caracas, Venezuela
    4 Reviews
    • Mixing Engineers - $50/Song
    • Editing - $10/Track
    • Vocal Tuning - $10/Track
    • 2 More...
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    Recording and Mixing engineer, audio editor, sound designer and music producer of Metal and Rock. Audio Producer for www.musicradiocreative.com (Radio Imaging, Potcast, Djs,Comercials)