Mixing & Mastering Engineers who worked with FALSE ALARMS - Sonali Vij - 2016

Photo of Blind At The Wheel

Blind At The Wheel

Producer | Writer | Composer
Sydney, AUS
3 Reviews
  • Producers - $150/Song
  • Songwriter - Music - $70/Song
  • Electric Guitar - $50/Song
  • 4 More...
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Immersive | Atmospheric | Theatrical | Cinematic | Dark | Epic | Ambient Guitar | Soundtrack | Video Game Music | Metal/Black/Death | Electronic | Rock/Pop/Other Always writing new music.

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Photo of Reuven Hayoon - Oov Studio

Reuven Hayoon - Oov Studio

Tel Aviv, Israel
2 Reviews
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    Reuven Hayoon "Oov" A stage & studio musician, recording engineer, producer and programmer, Mix & Mastering expert. Oov studio is a professional recording studio that gives artists & bands a relaxed, affordable place to record with an outstanding sound. Oov studio offers professional recording, as well as mixing and mastering services.

    Photo of Hollow studios

    Hollow studios

    online mixing,mastering,etc
    Houston, TX, USA
    • Programmed drums - $70/Song
    • Editing - $50/Track
    • Mixing Engineers - $100/Song
    • 4 More...

    hey,im johnathan lopez and oi want to work on your bands next project

    Photo of Creative SoundLab

    Creative SoundLab

    Remote Mixing & Mastering
    California, USA
    • Mixing Engineers - $100/Song
    • Mastering Engineers - $50/Song
    • Beat Makers - $200/Song
    • 4 More...

    Hello there. I'm Sharath, an SAE certified, mixing and mastering engineer with an experience of 7 years. I'm here to expand my clientele as well as to help musicians and bands with a limited budget to invest in mixing and mastering their tracks/albums.

    Photo of Marco Camasso

    Marco Camasso

    Milano, MI, Italia,London,Spain,
    • Remixing - $400/Song
    • Vocal Tuning - $40/Track
    • Vocal comping - $40/Track
    • 4 More...

    My experiences as a producer around Europe have given me, allowing to know all you need to do my job based entirely on the passion for music. Every day is a new day to learn new trends. What I do is based on so much experience and so many productions that I have had and continue to do.

    Photo of BLAST!music management

    BLAST!music management

    Los Angeles, CA, USA
    • Mixing Engineers
    • Mastering Engineers
    • Beat Makers
    • 4 More...

    BLAST! manages Grammy and multi platinum mixers Phil Tan, Damien Lewis, Maad Scientist, DURO, and Grammy winning songwriter/producers such as JG, PJ Bianco, Ghost, Smittysoul, DJ's The Antics and YMNO BLAST!music management

    Photo of Matt Master

    Matt Master

    Song Mixing
    Houston, TX, USA
    • Mixing Engineers - $50/Song
    • Editing - $10/Track
    • Post Mixing - $50/Minute
    • 3 More...

    Hello, I am Matt Master and I am ready to build a relationship and create your vision. Hip Hop, Rap, and indie are my specialty.

    Photo of Sir Prince

    Sir Prince

    Mixing and Mastering Engineer
    Raleigh, NC, USA
    • Mixing Engineers - $100/Song
    • Mastering Engineers - $100/Song
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    I am 16 years old. I have been doing this for a while now since 2012. I have came across a long journey to get where i am at now. I must say i am very blessed to have to this kind of talent and the opportunity to work with many artist. I have worked with many artists including BGK,Glo Gang Twins,Stark Mchz, Ice Kane, Sky TuT, and Gemini

    Photo of Maurizio Borgna

    Maurizio Borgna

    I mix and produce music
    Berlin, Germany
    1 Review
    • Mixing Engineers - $400/Song
    • Remixing
    • Editing
    • 3 More...

    I'm a Mix Engineer and Music Producer from Torino (it) based in Berlin (DE). My primary occupation is Mixing but i'm also involved in projects as a Sound Designer/Musician and as a Record Producer as well.