Keyboards/Vox/Mixing/Producing - Reed



I aim to add emotion and creativity to your song, whether through keys parts or vocals. I can give it a distinct lift or add glue, depending on what your needs are. I'd love to give it a polished mix or produce the song for you as well with some fresh ideas. I love creating music and would love to be a part of your project!

Musician, Producer, Mixing - Peter

United States

Musician, Producer, Mixing

"I always love the things you play man, sounding great!" "You wrote that? That's mesmerizingly beautiful." "You're all over that neck. Sounding good!" "Dude sounds great! Great playing, too!" "I'm getting Buckethead Acoustic Shards vibes" "So peaceful and beautiful, PF!" "🔥" I'm on this planet to make music. Let's make it happen!

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Singer/Songwriter/Voice actor - Natalie

New York

Singer/Songwriter/Voice actor

Hello! I'm Natalie. I have a unique, clear & smooth voice with a large range! I can sing many styles. I record Voice overs for Audiobooks, National television commercials, radio, animation, video games, & more!

Mastering - Eureka



Hello! I am a mastering engineer and audio enthusiast. My studio is in Portland, OR. I do a lot of work for indie rock bands, but also work on many other types of music ranging from jazz to heavy metal. My most known clients would probably be of Montreal, and STRFKR. Thanks for looking!

EDM / Pop Producer // Pianist - Soham


EDM / Pop Producer // Pianist

Musical Prodigy with over 90k streams with various artists on Spotify. I've been producing music for over 4 years now and 9 years on the keys. Sound Engineer and certified by Avid ProTools.


Producer/Mixing/Mastering - Colin



I am a Producer / Mix / Mastering Engineer based out of Toronto, Canada. I specialize in Electronic, Rock, Pop music.

Record Producer - Belnick

State College

Record Producer

Live Jazz, Rock, Funk and Hip-Hop Productions Background music for your visuals

Blogger - Kevin



NZ Cleaning services


Mixing, Production - Bengineer


Mixing, Production

14 years of worldwide experience, analogue and digital, a lifetime of passion. Happy to take your music sonically as far as it can go. I have a modest set up that punches well above its weight so I can keep my costs low :)

Session Guitarist/Producer - Brian


Session Guitarist/Producer

Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist and Composer


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