Brutal and Extreme vocals - César




Brutal and Extreme vocals

Experienced vocalist in death and black metal gutturals with a good vocal range. Can also do inhale gutturals (also known as pig squeals). I will record every type of extreme vocals including vocal sound tracks for video games (Ex: zombie sounds, screaming etc)

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Film Composer & Producer - Audioscores


Film Composer & Producer

I have worked on a number of award winning Films, Documentaries and Television series as a composer, sound recordist and dubbing mixer.

Mixing Engineer - Hannah




Mixing Engineer

Point Blank Music School Undergraduate Specialising in EDM and Pop. My work has been featured on the popular youtube page Wanderlust and has gained huge Spotify listener playlist support.

Rapper/producer, mixing/master - Josh


Rapper/producer, mixing/master

Boston-based rapper frequently veers away the Rap genre's increasingly tired tendencies, making the listening experience feel entirely new and unpredictable. It is also impressive to note that Josh LeBlanc effectively juggles the roles of Rapper, Songwriter, Live Performer, Sound Engineer — as well as Producer.


Song-write, rap & sing - Murphy



Sydney NSW

Song-write, rap & sing

Hard working and quick to reply. Great voice for heavy rap or smooth acoustic songs.


Guitarist, Composer  - Or


Guitarist, Composer

My perspective is diverse, creative and unexpected, with the purpose of taking listeners on a unique inner journey that connects them with their deepest emotions. My instrumental songs are unique in their style and simplicity, and the blend of sounds tells a subconscious story that takes the listener to new districts.

Production Group - Smash

Los Angeles

Production Group

RnBass x Urban Hip Hop/Pop specialists! We make unique tracks catered to you!! We can write you a top-line to a beat you already have!! We can also mix your records so they hit correctly when you play them back! Let me know what you need and i can deliver on it!

Mixing/Prod. & Vocal Wizardry - Adam




Mixing/Prod. & Vocal Wizardry

An artist at heart, I'm a producer and mix engineer who sees a song through the lens of a vocalist and frontman. Classic Artistic integrity with a contemporary edge are the hallmarks of my work. I strongly believe that the most important job of any music production specialist should be to get out of the way of the song.

Produce hip hop/trap - Murder


Produce hip hop/trap

Real no bs. On point and on time. Anything from sampled boom bap to trap beats. Mixing and mastering.


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