Singer, Songwriter, Production - Monty


Singer, Songwriter, Production

With over a decade of professional songwriting and studio recording experience for Top 40 Artists all over the world, my co-writes have been signed to Universal, Sony Music, Happy Music, and Cloud9; to name a few. A number of these songs have achieved chart success, and support from some of the Top DJs and Producers in the world.

Pro Vocalist and Songwriter - Demi


Pro Vocalist and Songwriter

Demi Dean is a graduated Singer/Songwriter from The Netherlands, best at writing catchy hooks, recording remarkable vocals, and her lovely popstar looks. However, that is not the limit, "I write, sing, mix, produce and release music in different genres! It really is a one-woman show." Look out for this popstar on the rise.

Music Producer & Beat Maker - Brad




Music Producer & Beat Maker

Looking for an Original Sound or a Hit Beat? I have the experience and knowledge to give you the professionalism you are wanting to hear for your sound. I am a Music Producer, Beat Maker, Mix-Mastering Engineer & Singer-Songwriter. Let's connect and feel free to contact me for a chat or any questions.

Producer / Sounddesign - ZAMO


Producer / Sounddesign

Creative Mastermind. I'll reflect your idea into the best possible result.

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