Mixer/Engineer/Producer - Nate



New York


Credited on records totaling well over 100M streams in 2019. Whatever your scale or style of music, I will use my knowledge as an engineer and my creativity as a producer to help shape you're music into the sound you are looking for.

I make people sound better!  - Official

Boca Raton

I make people sound better!

Producer | Song-Writer | Audio Engineer | Music Consultant

Recording and Mixing Engineer - Chris

New York

Recording and Mixing Engineer

After 8 years of working alongside some music legends, I am well equipped to record or mix your next project!

Producer / Composer / Engineer - Steven


Producer / Composer / Engineer

Steven Weston is a well accomplished Grammy nominated music director, musician, song writer, recording and mix engineer based in London. Over the last few years he has worked with Rudimental as their in house engineer, as well as writing, producing and performing in UNKLE, with James Lavelle.

Mixing/Mastering/Production - Paul



Los Angeles


Throughout my 20 years of experience in creating music, I have worn many hats. From artist/vocalist to producer and engineer, I've created a style all my own that uniquely combines the skills from each creative corner I've touched along the way.

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Recording / Mixing / Tuition - John


Recording / Mixing / Tuition

Keyboard & Guitar Overdubs / Co-writing / Mixing / Online Tuition and Mentoring.

Music Producer, Songwriter - Nick


Music Producer, Songwriter

I do too much... I have solo work with Universal Music Group via Doggystyle Records (Snoop Dogg). Basically, I can compose the instrumentals, write the words, and perform them both; but I’m here to assist you given proper circumstance.

Music producer - Guitarist - El




Music producer - Guitarist

I'm a professional music producer, mix engineer and session guitarist based in Santiago, Chile.

Violinist, violist, arranger - Julian




Violinist, violist, arranger

In a world of VST instruments and plugins, my passion is elevating music by incorporating violin creatively and tastefully.


Mixing Engineer - Distilled


Mixing Engineer

Ryan specializes in recording and mixing bands in a variety of genres including rock, folk, jazz, r&b, and pop.

Audio Engineer, Musician - Peter


Audio Engineer, Musician

I've got good ear for mixing and I can learn songs by ear rather quickly, I also do vocals and I have a Leggiero Tenor vocal range which means I can do heavy lows and almost falsetto-like highs though they are still chest voices.


Remote mixing and mastering - Anthony


Remote mixing and mastering

Mixing and Mastering are my expertise, but I am open to all audio projects. Let me help you turn your project into a sonic masterpiece. :)


Online Mastering Service - Line


Online Mastering Service

Located in the heart of Berlin, Line Level Mastering offers professional yet affordable mastering services to Artists and Record Labels. We strive to bring out a level of clarity in your music you would never have thought possible!

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