Producer, Mixing/Mastering - Caden



San Diego

Producer, Mixing/Mastering

My name is Caden Jester, and I specialize in turning good music into great music. Whether you have a voice memo idea on your phone, or a full song that you need mixed and mastered, I’m your guy. Once you take a listen to my music, I think that will speak for itself.

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Mix/Production on Neve Console - Hawker


Mix/Production on Neve Console

I'm an indie mixer and producer based in Tokyo with decades of experience in a multitude of contexts. My specialty is electronic music but I also produce and mix other genres.


Session Guitarist, Male Singer - Tadhg


Session Guitarist, Male Singer

Classically trained in guitar and vocals for most of my life. Nothing but heart and soul goes into everything I do in this industry. I will always strive to give the best I can, in every performance.


Recording & Rehearsal Studio  - Nathaniel


Recording & Rehearsal Studio

We are a team of musicians who have put in a lot of time and effort into researching the equipment and use it regularly. So, we definitely swear by what we offer you.

Versatile Music Production! - Maxi


Versatile Music Production!

Latin American music specialist with deep roots and antennas for the world. Versatile Musical Production, ITB Mix, Composition, Multi-Instrumentalist.


singer,songwriter - lakshmi





classical singer and performer,trained in hindustani and carnatic classical music, performs indian light and film songs


Recording Studio, Sound Design - Vine

Kuala Lumpur

Recording Studio, Sound Design

With almost 20 years in professional audio post production for advertising, we can bring your videos and projects to the next level. We can record your voice overs and give you a broadcast high quality mix to sound professional. Need that edgy impactful sound design or a heart wrenching emotional music? Here's where you get em.


Mixing & Mastering Engineer - Alan


Mixing & Mastering Engineer

Alan Blake Records opened on February 1, 2010. All these 5 years were a producer of hip-hop and pop-musicians, rock bands and even folk artists. Behind the back of our sound producer the Russian music education and experience of training in America, creation of several studios in Moscow and work on shootings of series "Web" for NTV.


Producing, Mixing, Mastering - Arjaan


Producing, Mixing, Mastering

I am a Producer and Mixing Engineer from Vienna. I have a BA(Hons.) in Interactive Animation/Computer Games Design and an MA in Audio Production (Westminster University London).


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