Soundtrack Boom Operator

Sound for Film/TV - Alberto

Hello! I am a seasoned audio engineer specialized in production sound recording and audio post production. I have over 7 years of professional experience with credits on 6+ feature films featured on Amazon Prime Video and other platforms.

Foley artist, Sound Designer - Myrto Chatziandreou

Foley and sound design for film

Composer, Musician, Producer - Eric Laws

My lifelong passion of Music & Film inspired me to develop professional skills in the art of Multi-Media production.

Film Composer, Sound Recordist - Jacob Eliett

I’m a composer, conductor, and music producer. I create customized music & sound for games, films, and all multimedia platforms. I pretty much do anything sound and music-related. In addition, I am a sound designer, sound recordist, boom operator, production sound mixer, and post audio editor. Send me an email through the 'Contact' button above.

Visual media sound designer - Rotem Gat

I can design the audio for your project, From dialog editing to final mix and deliveries.

Sound Designer/Composer - Alyssa Moxley

I am a sound designer, sound artist, field recordist, and composer. I use field recordings to create intense atmospheres integrated with musical composition.

Sound Designer - Jessie Brewer

Unique, original sound effects and foley recording. Clean, precise dialog editing.

Recording Studio in Lisbon - Skookum Films

Film, video and audio production company based in Lisbon, Portugal. We provide audiovisual services in the fields of movies, television, commercials, music videos, corporate videos, photography and audio production. We also rent out equipment audio and video studios.

Audio Engineer, Sound Mixer,  - Daniel Coimbra

I am a production sound mixer and post-production audio engineer based in Lisbon, Portugal. I have worked on large scale feature films, independent film productions, advertisement, documentary but have also worked on guerrilla style shoots. My commercial portfolio includes brands like Nike, Samsung, Doritos, LinkedIn, Citibank/Citi Group, etc...

Sound Design & Writing Scores - Michael C. Williams

Pinnacle College Graduate Brian Ingoldsby Scholarship Award Recipient Graduated with Honors and 4.0 GPA Audio/Video Technician with PSAV

Audio Post Production for film - Digital Mixes

Professional audio post production for film and TV. Sound rescue and 5.1 mixing. We also provide location audio services. Based in Chiang Mai we also have facilities in Bangkok.

Complex audio studio - BlackBrosSound

The company invested all its founders’ and members’ previous broadcasting experience in providing audio production proffesional support and equipment, maintenance and engeneering / various broadcasting projects such as TV shows, contests, series, commercial campaigns etc.

Sound Engineer - Daniele Zazza

Need to record, edit, get in tune, mix and master your music...better call Zazza!!

Composer, sound designer - Giovanni Zaniol

I search for melodies and sounds according to your ideas.

Producer Session Work Scoring - Noor Che'ree


Composed for Nobel Prize Winners, collaborated and performed with Grammy Musicians/Producers, travelled the world with Symphonic Planet in search of exquisite sounds and music to share. There is also nothing more exciting than helping you create your legacy! Let's tell your story and make your mark in this world!

Sound Designer - Beau Gourley

Sound Designer with 10 years of experience in production and post-production sound for film and television. Specializing in dialogue, ADR, Foley and SFX recording editing, mixing and mastering for both film and television standards. Skilled in using FMOD and Wwise & other various tools for audio implementation in video games.

Audio Post/Location Sound - Sigma Sonics

We will edit and fix your audio files to its best possible version. We will use advanced techniques and softwares to ensure the final product is a crisp and clean as possible. Whether you are recording a scene for your Film, Documentary, we will be there to guarantee that the sound and emotion of the live action is captured in the highest quality.

Sound Designer and Mixer - Tristan -GonZo- de Carbon

a french Music and TV søund engineer (technicien søn en francais dans le texte), in Paris.

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