Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with Filippo Guarna

Audio Post/Location Sound - Sigma Sonics

We will edit and fix your audio files to its best possible version. We will use advanced techniques and softwares to ensure the final product is a crisp and clean as possible. Whether you are recording a scene for your Film, Documentary, we will be there to guarantee that the sound and emotion of the live action is captured in the highest quality.

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 - London Studio Engineers

Booking Agent for London Based Sound Engineers London Studio Engineers supply highly experienced, capable, studio engineers, mix engineers and assistants to the recording industry.

 - Jost Davis

Musicproducer in Electro, House & Dance music in collaboration with various artists, singers & Musicproducers!

editing, mixing & mastering - Bart Audio Productions

What got me into Mixing & Mastering? Passion for music. Passion for both beautiful and natural sounds. Passion for music expression

Session guitarist - Henk D.

Been playing guitar since 1984 at the age of 8. I enjoyed a classical training until I was 18. After that I played in bands trying to figure out what I wanted to do... And still looking. It's just too much to see what I can do with a song even if it's not in a style I played before. The goal is to see what I can give to a song using my experience.

Mixing, Mastering & Production - Lou Markz

Dedicated and passionate. I take on your project as if it is my own. I’m always looking for a compelling sound that matches the heart and soul of the song.

Producer, Mixing, Mastering - Will Records

I Will make your music unique so that it stands out from the other songs in the genre

I am a vocalist.  - Bethel

I have low soft voice with strong emotional pitch.

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