Mixing & Mastering Engineers who worked with Beaten Fame

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There is no perfect sound, but sounds one can feel the most!

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Photo of Adrian Gagnon

Experienced producer and audio engineer specializing in electronic and hip hop.

Photo of Christian

I'm a musician from sunny California with quality experience in writing and producing eclectic music and performing on either guitar, piano, or voice. My interests include: composition, arrangement, production, hybrid and fusion genres, sonic clarity, improvisation, and general musicianship.

Photo of Brian T. Weingartner

Weingärtner Music Productions: Solutions for music creation, recording, mixing, distribution and live sound.

Photo of Zachariah La Roche

Bass music specialist with contemporary music degree.

Photo of samishii

I'm Samishii, Piano Master and mixing extraordinaire

Photo of Mike

Yo bros !! My name is KYLIE NICHOLSON. I am 20. I am a fan of How to Cast Miniatures. My website: <a href="http://www.gameroids.com/">Gameroids</a>

Photo of Jon X Christopher

My entire life I've been writing songs, but it wasn't until around 3 years ago that I started doing it on a professional level. It started with writing my own records, and then slowly shifted into expanding my skillset to help other artists bring their stories to life. I currently work with countless artists all over the world via the internet.

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