Artist / Songwriter / Producer - Auggie


Artist / Songwriter / Producer

Programmed to make sound waves.

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Home Studio, Record Producer,  - •


Home Studio, Record Producer,

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Sound Gluer - mixing dude - SOHTA


Sound Gluer - mixing dude

I glue sounds. I use clean glue so you won't see the excess and smudge and all. What you'll see is the clear separation with tight bonds between sounds.

Vocalist, Producer, Beat Maker - Michael


Vocalist, Producer, Beat Maker

I am a singer, producer, beat maker, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. I have been working in music for a little over a decade and have had the opportunity to work with many incredible creatives and artists in the music and entertainment industry.

Songwriter, Musician, Producer - The


Songwriter, Musician, Producer

Hi! My name is Maik T. aka The Leach. I am a multiple top ten songwriter, professional bass player, skilled topliner and I'd love to help you out with any creative issues.

 Mixing and Mastering - Small


Mixing and Mastering

We are a indie label / Recording Studio based in Atlanta, GA.


Singer and Producer - Justin

New York

Singer and Producer

Up-and-coming singer with over 18k streams on Spotify specializing in Pop, R&B, Rock, and Musical Theater. Also a self-taught producer specializing in Vocal Production and Vocal Coaching. I draw inspiration from Pop, R&B, and Hip-Hop producers.

Guitarist and Music Producer - Nelson


Guitarist and Music Producer

30 years of experience as arranger, music producer and guitarist (cavaquinho, classical and electric guitar). Pro studio facilities in the cities of Brasilia, Brazil and Amsterdam, Netherlands. I would love to hear from you and listen to your music. Let's get in touch!

Music Producer - Nathy


Music Producer

Oh hell nah


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