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Certificated recording-mixing-live engineer / Vocal comping and tuning / Editing-Spectral repair-Noise reduction / Recording-dubbing-mixing-post engineer and sound designer in video productions / Recording and mixing of 5.1 sound field and fx sounds / Restoration / Keyboard player / Compositing works (writing and editing of music parts)

As audio - video engineer and musician, I developed sensibility in every step of the job: I will build the right MOOD for your song, album, sound performance for visual arts, podcast, and movie also with sound design and special fx, up to 5.1 channels.
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-Preproduction: writing, editing, arranging of musical parts (classic-modern)
-Editing, vocal comping and tuning, spectral repair, noise reduction
-Recording, mixing and mastering for classical-jazz-rock-funk-electronic, and experimental music where new ideas are required

-Live sound engineer (music, performances)
-Location recordings / Audio for video (recording of ensemble and organ music in churchs, with multichannel techniques, and video works: boom operator, multichannel field recording, movie mixing engineer, sound designer, post, DCP authoring)
-Movie projectionist (I can mix a movie in a real movie theater)

-Advanced editing and spectral repair to eliminate any unwanted noise or problem from audio tracks. Experienced in solving environmental audio recording problems
-Acquiring and restoring audio from analog sources
-I made and keep updated my own library of real field multichannel sounds
-Sound design works

Best audio for any destination or reproduction system

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2 Reviews

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  1. Review by Ekaterina Č.

    Davide made an amazing job for me! I can highly recommend Davide for professional skills and patience. I'm totally satisfied with tuning work, now my voice sound so good and accurate. He did a very nice mix and an effective mastering, that sounds good in hifi speakers and on portable devices. After a few reviews for the mix he got what I was searching for. Songs sound great! He is a professional that is an absolute pleasure to work with. I trust his ears and hands and I will work with him again.

  2. Review by Irina M.

    Davide made a great editing and sound effect work for my movie: the sounds are so natural and don’t sound like a “fake post production”, and the environmental sounds are appropriate and blend in an effective way with dialogs. And when I needed mix and mastering for a dance mix, he made it so punchy and clear, as I wanted it. I will sure work with Davide again for music and video, especially I was surprised how my movie jumped to the next with the right audio. Davide added value to my work.


Terms Of Service

5 free revision for: Music parts writing-editing-arranging.
5 free revisions for: Edit, Comping-Tuning, Spectral Repair, Post.
5 free revisions for Mixing.

Up to 3 revisions for Mastering

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