Sing & create catchy melodies - K.


Sing & create catchy melodies

It's natural for me to create catchy melodies, because I really dig pop music. I've started my career as a singer, so I did a lot of live performances with bands, in the street and on television. After studying in jazz music school, writing music became a real passion for me.

Tracking & Mix Engineer,  - Kahlil

Los Angeles

Tracking & Mix Engineer,

I am graduate from Full Sail University with a Bachelors in Recording Arts. I have assisted, co produced and engineered for multi platinum producer Andrew Lane and I have mixed an album for Lauren Hills Producer, Divinci's (Soliloquists of Sound) artist Sean Shakespeare.

One Singer. Many voices.  - The



Los Angeles

One Singer. Many voices.

Singer and songwriter with the ability to sound like many Top 40 favorites! Get P!nk, Britney, Amy Winehouse, Erykah Badu and others from JUST ONE VOCALIST!

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Produced, mixing & mastering - MmcM


Produced, mixing & mastering

Doing mastering for artists such as Mr.Cloudy, The Nautilus Project, Nemo & Jaymon, Gradient, Jeremy Clark, Brimstone, McAlvis, Seal Bient, S.V.Sh. and other...

Mixer - Low



"It's about the ear not the gear" "My goal has always been simple, making the sound as good as possible for whatever I'm working on. - Stefan Sääf, Sound Engineer"

Mixing, Mastering Engineer - Riccardo


Mixing, Mastering Engineer

Studio and live sound engineer. I've worked at Mono Studio in Milan with Matteo Cantaluppi and Matteo Sandri. I've made my early ears through rock and metal music, but I'm always exploring new kind of music. I'm very exited to start working new projects!

Singer / Guitarist / Producer - Josh


Singer / Guitarist / Producer

One goal: To create great music :)


Los Angeles




Audio+Video Edit/Mix/Mastering - Maestro


Audio+Video Edit/Mix/Mastering

Folliard is a highly sought-after recording producer, with over twenty years of experience and over a dozen commercially available albums, collaborating with international artists from Al Jarreau to Renée Fleming.


Session Vocalist, Talk Box - Adrian

Los Angeles

Session Vocalist, Talk Box

Backing/Lead/Talk Box- Credits: Panic! At The Disco, Macy Gray, Wanya Morris (Boys II Men), LP, Chris Brown, Walmart, FIFA World Cup, Toyota.

Mixing & Mastering - Frank


Mixing & Mastering

Frank Favetta is a professional audio engineer and music producer based in South Florida. Graduating from Full Sail University he has worked under legendary producer/engineer Tony Bongiovi at Power Station Studios and has also worked at South Beach Studios where he became assistant engineer for three-time Grammy-Award winning mixer Tom Lord-Alge.

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