Producer, Music, Mix, Composer - Camilo


Producer, Music, Mix, Composer

I am a musician, guitarist and musical producer (composition, production, arrangements, incidental, advertising, television, live shows, among others)

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null - Steven


Playin' the guitar in bands since age 14. Work in a large guitar store since 2002. Playin' 20-30 gigs a year. Not in it for the money, not a professional level player either. Passion and perseverance : ) Currently into several bands : Motel Men (Americana-rockabilly trio), Juju & the Crazy Crioux (female fronted fifties outfit), the Cowboy Angels (Americana, heavy Gram Parsons influences), and with Sebi Lee (Boogie Woogie, rock 'n' roll) Have played many different genres in the past, covering ska, surf, punk, cajun, and silly music.


null - Daniel

San Francisco

San Francisco based singer/songwriter crafting original funky-folky-rootsy-bluesy-psychedelic-americana-rock music. Hear upcoming EP demos here: | | |


Composer and Orchestrator - Gregory

Brigham City

Composer and Orchestrator

You wont be disappointed. I work fast. I work high quality. Produced "How Amusing! A Quirky Arrangement for Brass Quintet." Orchestral and instrumental specialization.


Vocals, Lyrics & Mixing - JPK

New Jersey

Vocals, Lyrics & Mixing

Able to sing/rap, mix vocals, write lyrics, and/or create graphic work for a song or project (Cover art, motion cover, music video editing, etc.)

Songwriter, Singer, Vocalist - Samoria

Los Angeles

Songwriter, Singer, Vocalist

I've been writing songs for over 15 years. I've won many awards in songwriting & have credits on numerous compilation albums. My specialty is Pop, Contemporary R&B, Trapsoul, and Contemporary Christian. I specialize in love, hardship, heartbreak, & a variety of miscellaneous topics. I love to story-tell & write emotionally conscious music.


Music Producer/Percussion/DJ - Vince


Music Producer/Percussion/DJ

Music Production, Djing, Remixing, Percussion, Video and Audio Post Production, Soundtracks.

Producer, Mix/Mast Engineer - Bask


Producer, Mix/Mast Engineer


Songwriter Vocal Expert, Coach - Angelo




Songwriter Vocal Expert, Coach

Father, Husband, fan of Jesus. Vocal producer, song designer are just titles. I'm just here to work for you. I want to help you make something beautiful.

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