Expert Guitar for Songwriters  - Dylan


Expert Guitar for Songwriters

You've got a great song - don't sell it short with lackluster guitar parts. I specialize in working with songwriters to provide the best guitar groundwork and layering possible in order to take their songs to the next level.

Vocalist, Performer,Songwriter - Miller


Vocalist, Performer,Songwriter

I've got a knack for harmonies with my smokey, powerful voice. I sing background and lead vocals, and also play rhythm guitar. I've toured regionally with both original and cover groups, and am ready to record your next project!

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mix music - Raul

Rio de Janeiro

mix music

Sound eng. and producer (studio) . FOH and Designer

Mixing Engineer, Producer - Randy

San Diego

Mixing Engineer, Producer

Hello, my name is Randy Charlson. I am passionate about making, recording, mixing, producing, and listening to MUSIC. My full-time job is playing Guitar, but I LOVE to be on the other side of the glass as much as I can. I've been at it already for the last 5 years and I love it more everyday. If you want to know anything else about me, just asked!


Trumpet/Cornet Player - Anxo


Trumpet/Cornet Player

Anxo Martinez, professional Trumpet, Cornet player, composer and arranger from Madrid (Spain). Professional studios in Jazz, playing since 1996. Specialized in Traditional Jazz, Swing, Dixieland, Soul, Reggae, Pop...




Graduation College of Music the Department of computer music


Recording Studio, Mix Engineer - One

Thunder Bay

Recording Studio, Mix Engineer

A mix/recording engineer with experience, tools and the drive to have EVERY client satisfied. We also have access to some FANTASTIC singers and studio musicians!


Multi-genre percussionists  - Perc

Los Angeles

Multi-genre percussionists

Hybrid of the traditional and new approaches to percussion. One of the largest collections of percussion instruments *anywhere* at our fingertips, helping songwriters and composers complete their tracks with tasty percussion! Standard to experimental textures.

Record Producer+Film Composer  - Erik

Los Angeles

Record Producer+Film Composer

Nothing excites me more than painting a sonic world around your story. Impressionist Monet, or stark Rembrandt, I love to incorporate imagery to help find and bring your sound to life. Not only do I play guitar, bass, and synths, but being in the epicenter of music/media, I am lucky to be friends with some of the most amazing musicians around.

Mixing and Mastering Engineer - robinrecorder


Mixing and Mastering Engineer

I bring my 20 plus years of skills, talents and enthusiasm in music recording, mixing and mastering to a project where my contributions can help produce a winning product.


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