Mix Engineer & Studio Musician - James


Mix Engineer & Studio Musician

I do Mix Engineer Work and Studio Musician Work as a Guitarist and Drummer. My main focus right now is on Mixing, and in that regard it is on Professional and Competitive Quality.

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Music Producer  - SYAN


Music Producer

I'm an artist signed with Filthy Groovin Music Group. I have released songs of my own, as well as mixing and mastering other songs.


Music Producer - rcs_studio


Music Producer

I will professional edit, mix, master, tune vocals, play session drums on your track to bring it to a professional standard of your liking.


Managing Director - Ms.Stevie

St. Louis

Managing Director

Boots ,Jeans and Jewelry Series and Hot Red Lick stick Make-up artist and Producer /Managing Director looking for the right staff for my crew to distribute movies ,music ,media and set designs for that hot gurl or gui.

Mix, Master, Edit, Design - Hands

San Francisco

Mix, Master, Edit, Design

Freelance audio pro in the SF Bay Area. Best known for my many years of work with Neil Young, I bring to your project quality workmanship, fine attention to detail and most of all great sound. Every project that comes to me gets the same level of attention and effort to support your artistic vision. my motto:"Quality-whether you want it, or not"

Mixing & Mastering Studio - VOG


Mixing & Mastering Studio

What sets us apart from other Mixing / Mastering studios? Our listening on your decisions! We move the project by your side, according to your desires, with our experience and professional knowledge. Same for producing ! We work with artist from all over the world (USA, CANADA, EUROPE and ASIA) using live video-conference. If you can come in Paris,

Melodies and Singing - Iron

Port Harcourt

Melodies and Singing

I'm going to be frank. My greatest accomplishment was 3 likes on soundcloud. I'm not discouraged though. I'm really proud of the music I make.


Mixing, Mastering, Producing - Kilo's

Las Vegas

Mixing, Mastering, Producing

I am a professional and experienced engineer that provides proven old school mixing and mastering techniques with today's newest digital technology that together provides the sound that everyone desires in today's and yesterdays music, also creating a unique sound. I also will work with others under my project name, Industrial Rhythms.


Editing, Mixing & Mastering - AudioGeek11

Melbourne VIC

Editing, Mixing & Mastering

With a strong background in engineering, and a true passion for music, I bring technical expertise and a knack to make your song shine. I believe in partnerships and trust, not in just fulfilling a contract or a purchase order. I truly want to make your work shine.

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