I do Mix Engineer Work and Studio Musician Work as a Guitarist and Drummer. My main focus right now is on Mixing, and in that regard it is on Professional and Competitive Quality.

I take what I do very seriously, if you have a song Recorded that you want mixed you can send the individual tracks to me and I'll mix it for $50. I have done Tracking in the past but right now due to lack of a good facility that's not ideal. I can and still do Track my own Guitar and Drum Tracks for People. I can do Bass Guitar at a Professional quality, but my primary identity as a Musician is an Electric Guitarist and Drummer. I have done both in Professional Settings. The Tracks I have up from Soundcloud were all mixed and mastered by me, and some were Tracked by me while others were sent to me to mix. I have a fast turnaround time, within a Day for one song if it's Tracked well. I enjoy doing this, and most importantly I have an ear which is something you can buy or learn to have. I have spent a lot of time learning and investing, but my main gift has always and still is my ears. Please don't hesitate to ask any questions you have.

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