Indie Pop Acoustic Guitar

These pro session acoustic guitarists are ready to strum, pluck, and fingerpick on your song in whatever style, tone, or genre you need

Guitarist, Writer/Producer - Emmett

Los Angeles

Guitarist, Writer/Producer

Electric and acoustic guitarist. Formerly with Enrique Iglesias. I specialize in rock, pop and acoustic music.


Write, produce, mix, master. - Joe

Staten Island

Write, produce, mix, master.

I'm a singer-songwriter/producer/mix engineer born and raised in NYC.

Session guitarist, composer - Marco


Session guitarist, composer

Rewarded acoustic guitar player and innovative composer. Take your music to the next level with fresh, innovative and unexpected guitar tracks or stunning music arrangement tricks.

Session Guitarist/ Producer  - Jordan


Session Guitarist/ Producer

Acoustic/Pop Cover Songs and Creative Mashups are my specialty. You've seen me with collaborators such as Kurt Hugo Schnieder, Anthem Lights, and Levi Mitchell.


Producer, Guitarist, Pianist - Darsena


Producer, Guitarist, Pianist

Play Guitar and Piano and Produce me and my customers

Session Guitarist, Producer - Erlantz


Session Guitarist, Producer

Professional guitar recording and vocal editing.


Acoustic Guitarist, Songwriter - Warren

San Jose

Acoustic Guitarist, Songwriter

With 32,000 subscribers and six million views for my covers and tutorials on YouTube, I’ve proven many times over that I can bring a touch of quality to the right project. From elegant acoustic guitar parts to fuller, lush productions, I can make any musical project shine through my expertise in composition and sensitivity to the song's needs.

Vocals, songwriting, lyrics - Josema


Vocals, songwriting, lyrics

I am essencially a singer/songwriter specialized in the britpop movement and UK classic rockn and roll. I am willing to join or cooperate in musical projects.

'Session Guitarist' - Doug


'Session Guitarist'

Versatile guitarist that has been playing for over 15 years. I have experience touring with artists and playing in professional settings. I use ear training and music theory to quickly understand a song. I can deliver the part you're envisioning or record/compose multiple ideas to choose from. Let's talk about how I can help elevate your music!

Producer Guitarist - Britton

Los Angeles

Producer Guitarist

I produce dreamy guitar-based pop music for recording artists and sync sound. Recently, a track of my mine received placement in the film RUN HIDE FIGHT, which premiered at Venice Film Festival 2020. I can write your song, produce your song, mix your song, and master your song... or I can just play guitar:)

🎶 Producer, Composer,🎤,🎸,🎹 - Chathambomb

Southern California

🎶 Producer, Composer,🎤,🎸,🎹

I do MANY things so just ASK ME. I sing. I play multiple instruments. I make song ideas come to life. I write songs for chart-topping artists like Home Free. I compose music for films like the SXSW feature "Coldwater." I specialize in cross-style musical arrangements and backing music for live and video performances. EASY TO WORK WITH.

Guitarist & Producer - Dan

Melbourne VIC

Guitarist & Producer

In the realm of guitars: Funky stabs, jangly chords, and thoughtful leads that could be yours. In the production bunker: warbly arrangements, smooth saturation, and clear characterful flavours can all be applied to your mix. In the upper atmosphere: granular crunchy raindrops, mechanical choirs, and focused drones can be a bed beneath your song.

Session Guitarist, Composer  - Nikita


Session Guitarist, Composer

I'm here to create beautiful guitar support that will stick with you.

Session Guitarist, Arranger - Kevin


Session Guitarist, Arranger

My passion is recording guitar for original artists, I love bringing their ideas to life and providing my own ideas to take their songs to the next level. I have honed my skills over the last few years as a session guitarist both on tour and in the studio with artists such as Tiz McNamara, Little Hours, Rowan, Stephanie Rainey and many more.

Guitarist, Producer, Mixer - Daniele


Guitarist, Producer, Mixer

Electric and Acoustic Guitar Recordings! Mixing and Mastering for your home recordings! Vocal Editing!


Soulful Guitar Lines - Federico


Soulful Guitar Lines

Less is more: I will work with you to create the best, soulful guitar solos/embellishments that will take your song to the next level. With 5 years of experience as a session guitarist, I have worked on over 400 songs. Clients love that I understand what the song needs and deliver an emotional performance with only the notes that count.

Producer, guitarist and more. - Fed


Producer, guitarist and more.

Very distinctive sound guitarist. Multi-instrumentalist. Producer. From indie to hip hop, from rock to electronica. Tape echos and true analog gear lover. Owner of a small-but-full-of-analog-gear recording studio and live session guitarist. Available as musician, producer/arranger, mixing.

Session Guitarist - Johannes

Los Angeles

Session Guitarist

Collaborate with a creative and experienced guitar player with a passion for making your music shine. Johannes has toured opening for The Who and Iggy Pop. Credits include Justin Hayward of The Moody Blues, Michael Sadler of Saga and his own band, Sony Music recording artists Perfect Beings.

Session Guitarist  - Kelly


Session Guitarist

Session Guitarist, songwriter and arranger. Over 15 years experience with live touring and studio work. Styles can cover everything from R&B, Pop, Indie, Electronic, Funk, Rock, Acoustic ect just ask.

Session Guitarist, Producer - Kyle


Session Guitarist, Producer

I received my Bachelor of Music in Guitar Performance from Los Angeles College of Music in 2018; I have been playing guitar for over 13 years.


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