Hip Hop Acoustic Guitar

These pro session acoustic guitarists are ready to strum, pluck, and fingerpick on your song in whatever style, tone, or genre you need

Session Vocalist / Songwriter - Lil


Session Vocalist / Songwriter

Success is the only option. I just came up out of the dirt with a vengeance. And failure is the enemy.


Guitarist, Mixing, Arranger - Joon


Guitarist, Mixing, Arranger

I've been a session guitarist for over 8 years, professionalized in Pop / Jazz / R&B / Hip-Hop / Funk. Also I'm a producer specialized in arrangements, meaning if you have lyrics and melody I could develop it into a whole song.


Mixing, recording, performing - Cyamak


Mixing, recording, performing

I am an LA based producer, guitarist, and songwriter that writes and tracks music for people, regardless of what they need. Pop, rock, hip hop, etc.,


guitar, bass, cello, violin  - Deloren

Los Angeles

guitar, bass, cello, violin

I lay down the bass, lay down the rhythm guitar, lay down the lead guitar,cellos and violins. I utilize nice recording gear and studio, so we can send music on internet.




I can provide guitar samples, riffs, solos, over any genre of music. I also specialize in hip hop beat production as well as rap verses as features. Highly conscious and lyrical.


Beat Maker and Songwriter - Philemon

Halle (Saale)

Beat Maker and Songwriter

Poetry inspires me. Music makes me. I just want to put my creative drive in beat making and song writing


Guitarist, Music Producer - Henrique


Guitarist, Music Producer

Hit me up if you're looking for Guitars/Samples to add to your tracks and give you the extra sauce needed to help you make even more dope beats and awesome songs. Some of my work reached Number 1 on the UK Albums Chart and was used on multiple platinum records in Portugal. I can also create custom Beats or help you produce a song.

Session Guitarist - Brent

Los Angeles

Session Guitarist

Since 2001 I’ve been the primary session guitarist for Pharrell Williams/N.E.R.D./The Neptunes. I’ve also worked with Stevie Wonder, Post Malone, Thunder Cat, Katy Perry, Britney, Hans Zimmer, and Ariana Grande.

Inspiring Guitar Loops - GRAUX


Inspiring Guitar Loops

Real, Authentic & Inspiring Guitar Loops | All Styles | 100% Royalty-Free

Music Producer/ Beat Maker - Eduardo


Music Producer/ Beat Maker

Just a young teen who wants to make music and inspire.


Session Guitarist - Rotem

New York

Session Guitarist

Hi! Would love to collaborate on your new project! If you are looking for crisp sounds and commercial-quality tracks, I've got you covered. I write guitar hooks, melodic lines, ambient sound and will add the special sauce to your track if needed.


Session Guitarist - Alec


Session Guitarist

What a good session musician does is listen to the song, to the artist, and to the other players. That way you can help bring out the song and help the artist express what they want to express. It's never about you stepping out and showing you can play something fancy.

Songwriter-Producer, Guitarist - Devin


Songwriter-Producer, Guitarist

Songwriter, producer, and recording artist from Indianapolis.


Session Vocalist / Producer - Lil


Session Vocalist / Producer

Lil Seltrah is a controversial artist turned entrepreneur who is compared and help up to huge names in alternative music despite the fact his audio productions have a raw punk DIY style. For fans off Lil Peep, Post Malone, Lil Tracy, ITSOKTOCRY, Lil Lotus, $uicideboy$ and most styles of underground alternative music.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Shawn

West Virginia

Remote Mixing & Mastering

Get that warm, balanced mix that you're looking for. These warm, balanced, analog sounding mixes can be heard on tracks from Imogen. Let me take your song to the next level!


Songwriter & Guitarist - Jacq

North Hollywood

Songwriter & Guitarist

An independent artist with 11 years of guitar experience and 5 years worth writing for other acts including myself. Currently based in North Hollywood with studio access & basic engineering skills. My unique guitar style works well with R&B, Hip-Hop, and Alternative instrumentation and can be built from scratch or laid on top of existing material.

Singer/Rapper, Writer/Producer - Conscious


Singer/Rapper, Writer/Producer

Conscious is inspired by the deep-rooted sounds of what I refer to as “the soul of the American music experience“; Jazz, blues and rock find their way into the contemporary theme of hip-hop and rap in a most-refreshing and melodic way. Besides being a singer/songwriter I also produce music and play guitar.

Audio engineer and musician - Gwiz8

Melbourne VIC

Audio engineer and musician

Hi, I'm a self proclaimed 'audio nerd' with a deep passion for both creating and mixing music. With over 15 years of experience and a diploma of audio engineering from JMC academy I'm confident that I can deliver the results your looking for in a professional and prompt manner.

Remote Production & Mixing - Spacey_Gray

New York

Remote Production & Mixing

New York based engineer, multi-instrumentalist and producer who wants to help you take your track to the next level! I love to get inside an artists' vision and use my expertise to help them get there. I have worked with a variety of bands in the New York scene and have produced multiple songs with hundreds of thousands of plays, yours is next!

Perfect Music - XXPRESSIVE

49300 Cholet

Perfect Music

contact us : e-mail : xxpressive.contact@gmail.com Follow us : instagram : https://www.instagram.com/xxpressive/ soundcloud : https://soundcloud.com/xxpressive-xxpressive XXPRESSIVE, GAME



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