Mixing & Mastering Engineers who worked with ZDF - RADIO: SWR3

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Photo of Singer Fabrizio Levita

I sing jingles / radio and TV ads since 1999, sing in 3 languages accent free: english, german, italian. Looking forward to hear from you & to work with you,
since I write, record vocals on my own in recording studio and deliver professional material.
Just done some Power Intros for an Australian Radio Station at home :-)

Photo of Andi Konstandaras

Professional engineer and guitar-player located in Stuttgart, Germany. Engineered and played on records that have been sold worldwide as well as stuff that's been done by hobbyists. "I don't distinquish between 'pro' and 'amateur' in aspects of my work." Never finished, before the client is happy.

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Photo of Miromastering

Hi, I'm Tony ,senior mastering engineer at miromastering. I'm a professional and AES registered mastering engineer. I've been in sound engineering for 30 years.

Photo of Leafar

Hello my name is Rafael, Leafar in the opposite direction. I am a young music producer and audio engineering formed respectively by the University Anhembi Morumbi and Omid Audio Academy in São Paulo. I am a music lover and hard work and satisfaction in each track in each project. Tell about your ideas !?

Photo of Sanford Parker

Currently re-located to Los Angeles form Chicago. I have been producing/mixing bands for 18+ years, specializing in metal, rock, punk, hardcore and electronic.

Photo of Ever Evolved Studios

Pro Sound at a fair price!

Photo of Himanshu Gaur

Composing Music with Detail and meaning is what I thrive for. I try to Simplify things and make every step valuable.

Photo of Luke Beaulac

Owner & Producer at Evermore Sound recording studios in Orlando Florida.

Photo of BoggDA RaDD

Certain versions of the Păpărugi or the Păpălugari’s custom, harbingers of the spring, fertility and warrants of plenty, are still practiced only in certain villages on the valleys of the Arieș and the Someș rivers and a few settlements on the Transylvanian Plateau.

Photo of Olivia Miles

Give me a word and i'll give you a song

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