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London, United Kingdom
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  • Live drum tracks - $200/Song
  • Percussion
  • Producers
  • 2 More...
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I'm the drummer with Elton John (The Lion King & Duets For One - LPs), George Clinton, XTC, Brian Eno, All Natalie Imbruglia Hits, Shakespears Sister, Tina Turner, Les Valentine, Etienne Daho, Chaka Khan, Brain Adams, Gary Barlow,Take That, Michele Polnereff, Pet Shop Boys, Roy Orbison (Produced by Brian Eno), plus! Also Produced & Mixed many LPs!

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Photo of Nils Nöhden

Nils Nöhden

Hamburg, Deutschland
  • Full instrumental productions
  • Trombone
  • Track minus top-line
  • 4 More...

Nils is a recording and mix engineer based in Hamburg/ Germany, He is also a trained musician and multi-instrumentalist. Laureate in Performance National Jazz contest “Jugend jazzt” 2003 Specialized in Jazz, Rock, Pop, Reggae, Soul, Funk, Hip Hop and recording acoustic instrument ensembles.

Photo of Legends of Linford

Legends of Linford

Music producer and engineer
Birmingham, UK
  • Mastering Engineers - $30/Song
  • Mixing Engineers - $50/Song
  • Producers - $50/Song
  • 4 More...

Berklee trained and UK-bred audiophile hunting for legends.

Photo of Douglas Ramirez

Douglas Ramirez

I, guitarist, producer, mixing
Goiânia, State of Goiás, Brazil
  • Mixing Engineers - $50/Song
  • Mastering Engineers - $30/Song
  • Electric Guitar - $25/Song
  • 2 More...

I, Brazilian guitarist, producer, mixing and mastering technician. I've always worked with rock, metal, indie rock and pop rock. Check out some of my works on my soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/douglas-ramirez

Photo of Seashell sound

Seashell sound

Remote mixing and mastering
Moscow, Russia
  • Mixing Engineers - $50/Song
  • Mastering Engineers - $30/Song
  • Vocal Tuning - $20/Track
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Mixing and mastering engineer from Moscow, Russia.

Photo of Steel Studios

Steel Studios

Recording and mix engineer
Baltimore, MD, USA
  • Mixing Engineers - $100/Song
  • Recording Studios - $200/Day
  • Editing - $30/Track
  • 2 More...

More than just another studio, and just another face. Established around the Baltimore area, Steel Studios is a knowledgeable and dedicated recording studio who is working vigorously to become known as a staple for the production of rock, punk, and metal. We’ll take the music in your heart and help you share it with the world.

Photo of Beatblade Studio

Beatblade Studio

Music Producer, Mix&Master
  • Mixing Engineers - $50/Song
  • Recording Studios - $50/Day
  • Beat Makers - $75/Song
  • 4 More...

We are working on Music Production, Mixing and Mastering, Sound Design.

Photo of OIGO estudios

OIGO estudios

Recording Studio: Drums String
Guadalajara, Jalisco, México. GDL
  • Restoration
  • Vocal comping
  • Producers
  • 4 More...

La Experiencia de Hacer Arte con el Sonido / The experience of Making Art with Sound OIGO = OIdos Grabando Ondas

Photo of WEMU


Music Producer & Writer
Melbourne VIC, Australia
  • Producers
  • Remixing
  • Beat Makers
  • 4 More...
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WEMU was formed in 2014 by Dean (Australia) and Roman (Russia) through a chance encounter online. Since meeting, they've established a label, WE Music Unlimited (WEMU), an Ambient/Electronic Duo called Ambientronic and a Production Music collaboration, Starcats Project. ---