Drummer of World Famous Artist - Chuck




Drummer of World Famous Artist

Recording with Gary Barlow, Elton John, XTC, Seal, Brian Eno, Etienne Daho, Michelle Polnereff, Natalie Imbruglia..... Just want to say Thanks! A lot of what you writers are sending me is great, even inspiring! If I like what you're doing, and it feels right for me, I'll get 110% involved... until we feel it's right!

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Producer / Engineer / Rapper - Kage


Producer / Engineer / Rapper

I'm a lyricist and producer. I prefer making beats for hip-hop, electronic, and multimedia (video games and television)


Beat-making, songwriting - "El


Beat-making, songwriting

Beat-maker, songwriter, album reviewer and overall Rap enthusiast, currently studying Arts & Media @ the RUG!


Oscillationist - Patrick



Jazz and classical pianist creating synthesized and recorded wavy waves.


Vocalist and Songwriter - Babé


Vocalist and Songwriter

I am Babé Sila, an R&B-Soul singer and songwriter based in London. I released 2 LPs and an EP, all available on every streaming platform. Besides my own project, I love making music with others, I have experience writing/singing pop and electronic music besides R&B. I am full with inspiration all the time, and have 3 notebooks full of lyrics.


Remote Mixing & Mastering - Mr.


Remote Mixing & Mastering

Mr. Person is a Producer/Engineer cut from the cloth of powerhouses Kanye West and Pharrell Williams, having co-produced/engineered tracks with Trakgirl and records for artists such as Dave East, Logic, and ADÉ, all while simultaneously being able to deliver on the mic as a lyricist.

Mastering - Woody



Westside Mastering is a mastering studio founded by a Grammy Award-winning engineer, Woody Pornpitaksuk. The studio is equipped with state of the art mastering facilities and is known for its commitment to uncompromising audio products and fulfillment of artistic visions.

Producer, Mixing, Recording, - Alex


Producer, Mixing, Recording,

I am a Professional Sound Engineer. Since 2005, I have designed, built and still operate my own recording studio, “ Sound Factory “, in Cosenza, Italy. I am a driven and highly responsible professional who wants to continue working in an energetic, creative and performance oriented environment. I consider myself a forward thinker, team player, peop

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