Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with Wondering

Singer/Writer/Producer/Mixer - Tayo Joyce

Multi-genre recording artist, writer, producer & mixing engineer that loves being a part of genre-blurring music that moves hearts and/or bodies.

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Producer & Artist-Developer - Darcy Productions

I strive to push artists to discover the best version of themselves in there music to excel and succeed! My goal is to take your story and endless creativity and help develop and package it in a way that sits well with, while standing out of the current music industry market.

Audio Vision the only way 2 C - CEDA

Who am I ? CEDA ( SEE EVERY DREAM ACCOMPLISHED ) Im a young audio engineer and producer who has been lucky enough to intern with 3 different major studio. Ranging in all types of different gear from ssl boards to plugin based engineering. Ive worked with local talent all the way up to some of your favorite artist. Now im ready to work with you.

Producer / Engineer - CaptainCLicK_


Professional audio services from an experienced Producer / Engineer

Music lover & Emails solver!!! - Linda Rogers

We are the best advisers for your email related issues. No matter what kind of issues you have in relation to gmail, frontier, AOL call us for the solutions or visit the link for the answers Call us at- (844) 414-5222

Session Guitarist - Mick Jansen

Hi, my name is Mick Jansen and I am from the Netherlands. I consider myself to be an all-round guitar player with an above-average skillset. I have published my own written songs to Spotify and therefore I have lots of experience recording my parts in a studio setting. I am also a student at the conservatory of Utrecht (Jazz&Pop).

Recording, Mixing & Mastering - Rankine Records

“...Like everything sounds separated, like the voices sound like they're kind of in front of you and to the sides, and the 808 sounds like it's in the middle but under everything, so really well mixed…” -Busy Works Beats

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