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Who am I ? CEDA ( SEE EVERY DREAM ACCOMPLISHED ) Im a young audio engineer and producer who has been lucky enough to intern with 3 different major studio. Ranging in all types of different gear from ssl boards to plugin based engineering. Ive worked with local talent all the way up to some of your favorite artist. Now im ready to work with you.

Im a Mixing, Mastering Engineer along with and ear for production and beat making. When it comes to making records dope i like the artist to feel like there record wouldn't be the same if they went any where else and that what we deliver at Audio Vision a finished product that wont leave you wondering if you need to rerecord it. No im not saying im best in the world by any means. Its corny for me to say that but what i wll tell you is if i cant get your record to sound amazing then there not another engineer who can. Ive work with artist such as Dram the guy who made "cha cha" and " Broccoli " along with Levi Carter of Roc-Nation and many other notable Artist.

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