Songwriter, Guitar, Vox - Andre



São Paulo

Songwriter, Guitar, Vox

I am an artist from Brazil & Argentina, with 4 albums released and ties to pop, rock, country, folk and soul. I can help you with songwriting and as a session musician: I write/arrange/play/produce guitar, banjo, mandolin, b3, rhodes, wurlitzer, bass & vocals. I also write arrangements for horns & strings. I am a brand consultant, as well.

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Great sounding acoustic recordings - Funkhaus


Great sounding acoustic recordings

Music production and recording facilities of outstanding acoustic quality. One of the largest, independent recording studios that is in service today. We like to make things possible.


Singer/Songwriter/Producer - Woda



Sings in French and English


Singer-Songwriter  - Mason



Creating songs that need to be heard! :) Thank you for listening and working with me.


Music Producer, Engineer  - Andrew

Cherry Hill

Music Producer, Engineer

Music Producer, Composer, Engineer and Musician .

Producer/Engineer/Songwriter - Nic



I have been working in the industry for over 10 years producing and being known for working out of the box. I create music with heart and Passion that will excel any song to the top. I'm a recording engineer and recreate any song are composed of the one you wrote.If you are looking step your game up join me let make innovative art together.

Vocals, Song Doula, Keyboards - Fuzzy


Vocals, Song Doula, Keyboards

Here's what people are saying about my last track: "Funky and jazzy with unique vocals. Multi-genre influences." -Earshot Review "A fantastic track. Very upbeat, easy listening. Great for radio. Played on CanQueer" -NCRA Broadcaster Account

Production House / Publisher - BPM


Production House / Publisher

Boutique music production house specializing in bending the boundaries between electronica, techno and cinematic music. Available on a limited basis for commercial work for the right client. Each production is crafted with care to provide a unique signature that can't be mistaken.


Bass player/string arrangement - Predrag




Bass player/string arrangement

I am the bass player with 40 years of experience of playing in bands and recording in studios for various artists in my country and region. I have recorded over 200 songs and make over 100 arangmenst for Tambura Orchestra and String quartet.

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