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Quality is our main goal. Ears and mind are our main tools. Every engineer has his own individual vision of a good sound. And that's the beauty. We're not the best and we're not the worst. Everything is relative.

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recording/production - Plinio ( ZINC LABZ )

hey my name is plinio i've been doing music for 18 years!! i love putting love into my work and making sure every clients vision comes to life i'm very honest and love working hands on with artist and showing them the way i'm also an artist developer so that's a plus in this field alot of engineers have no passion and are just about the money

Music producer & sound editing - Cortex Production

Hello, im producing electronic music since 1992. I worked in several studios on several workflow. I am electronic music producer specialized for arrangements, mastering and sound & vocal editing... I have released over 40 singles and 2 albums for electronic labels / records over all Europe... I want to develop my creativity over this platform.

Music Producer, Mix & Master - Vandahl Recordings

Sweden based producer and mixing/master technician with years of experience on my back and several tracks and albums released working with and having access to world class musicians.

Rap/Pop Producer, Guitarist - Gabe Lost

5+ years production experience. Released two albums this year as an independent artist, producer, and engineer. Credits: Nic D (100,000/month on Spotify) Kurtis Hoppie (100,000/month on Spotify) Kevi Morse (45,000/month on Spotify) ...and many more

Session Drummer - Luca Bertaglia

Luca Bertaglia is a drummer, composer, arranger, teacher/educator, session drummer, bandleader and professional musician based in New York City. His national and international experience provides him the ability to play a wide variety of styles, and the knowledge of recording in a studio situation and also the skill to use hybrid drums.

Song writer, Lyricist - Tezzo

Don’t have any top credits but if you listen to my music; which i wrote everything. You will notice i have a taste for music.

Producer, Mixing & Mastering - Danbeat

I am a degree in music, I am a producer musician, I do mixing and mastering for independent artists and I manage an audiovisual production company.

George Elijah Jacobs - Mix and Master Audio

I will Mix and master a WAV file or Total session. Songs I have written Produced, Mix and Mastered. Back To Back https://youtu.be/Lc3wVCZYnO0
 Spiritual Dimensions https://youtu.be/01ZJAGs2PKU
 Bold Celestial https://youtu.be/EhRN7KEGmvs
 UnReal https://youtu.be/7oETCTMIO7U 
 Sky's The limit https://youtu.be/_iFLHXxy3vM

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