Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with The Short Necked Giraffes

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Fourth Wave Audio


PICK IT UP! ...your music that is... Ska and punk mixing & mastering to take your recordings to the next level and define the new sound.

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Remote Mixing and Mastering - Ilya

Certified mix & mastering engineer. If you want your tracks had a commercial, indy or raw sound - I can help you with this! I'm always open for everything new in a sound production, keep learning and looking for my own path to improve that skill everyday.

Recording studio - Mainline studio

Mainline studio is one of the top recording studios in westchester NY 9143642070

Mixing Engineer - Tendjiz

Miami-based mixing engineer and music producer best known for his album CommoNasm.

Session Bass Player - Cem Tuncer

I am a bass player, composer, sound designer, mixing and re-recording engineer with over 20 years of experience.

Sound design and mix - Nicolas (Stilte Collective)

Sound designer and mixer for audiovisual, musical and art content.

Producer, Audio Engineer  - Tunesmith Studio

Award winning mixing and mastering engineer, producer, & songwriter. Studio designed to both track and master.

Tame Impala Copy Cat - spookTheGREAT

I am an instrumentalist, mix engineer, tracking engineer, producer, composer, mastering engineer and beat selector, I enjoy collaboration because I believe it pushes me to perform better than soloist work and surpassing my limits is my intention through collaboration, Kanye West, Tyler the Creator, Ozzy, Judas Priest, Val Halen, Pet Shop boys

Vocal tuning/timing/Mixing - Lucas Rosa


I can solve your problems! I work as a Voice Tuning&Timing, engineer and producer! I am a music professional with over 30 years of musical experience. I work as an audio engineer, producer, vocal editor and musician. My aim is to make your music sound clean and of the highest quality. Call me here!

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