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Barcelona based Mixer Engineer and Producer. I rather come up with a mix that delivers the emotions the artist wants than a perfect sounding mix that's meaningless. I always focus on the emotional element of the song. That element that can give you goosebumps. That element that can make you dance or make you cry.

I have my own studio called Camaleó Estudi de Gravació where I do all my mixing and recording. I have a great collection of analog outboard that I can't live without. I'm creative and fearless when mixing.

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  1. Review by Pau Calero
    by Pau Calero

    I have been lucky to work with Aleix extensively for the past 4 years and he has been a key part on every project I have worked with him. He's the best producer an artist or a band could ask. Always knows what the song needs at every moment and he combines this with a extense knowledge and control of his studio setup, which is amazing.
    He also understands how every artist or band member works and how to relate to them.
    As a Mixer Engineer he's just flawless. He knows how every song has to sound and he makes it happen. He delivers instantly and with so much quality.
    Highly reccomended!!!

  2. Review by Jorge Agustí
    by Jorge Agustí

    He is truly a one of a kind professional. Aleix had just recently helped me produce my songs and did all the mixing and mastering himself, with great results. He definitely knows how to serve the song, and if you're stucked with an idea, he's gonna save the day for sure. You just have to listen to some of the albums he's produced and you'll see what I mean, so enough talking, and go check him out!

  3. Review by Francesc Borrell
    by Francesc Borrell

    Aleix mixed our new album and he totally killed it. He turn our boring rough mixes into something exciting, with a lot of impact, depth and dynamics. Great professional.

  4. Review by Paula Jornet
    by Paula Jornet

    Aleix produced and mixed my debut album which I'm really proud of. He turned my demos into big songs, making them sound exactly how they sounded in my head, sometimes even better. His work ethic is brilliant, he is determinated to always improve and take everything a step futher. Highly recommend.

  5. Review by Marion Harper
    by Marion Harper

    Aleix Iglesias produced "Seasons", my first EP released in 2014 as well as "Cotton Candy", my first album released in October 2015 and I couldn't be happier with the result. Aleix has the ability to find the perfect sounds for each song. Every session is highly productive thanks to his great communication skills and his passion for his job.

Interview with Aleix Iglesias

  1. Q: What's your typical work process?

  2. A: I really like to work super fast in the beginning. I like to don't overthink it. I rather be guided by my instinct and feelings about the song. I do the most of the balance, eq and compression at this point. When I have the big picture as I like, I focus in small things and subtle effects. I may do some automation specially with the purpose of compelling the listener and make the different transition of the song interesting and exiting. Afterwards I focus on the vocal. I do all the rides it needs. Considering how I use to approach vocal compression I also need to check "s", breaths and other weird sound. At this point I use to take a little break just for recover some of the perspective that I may have lost. I check the mix again and I do the changes that I feel it needs. Sometimes, at this point I do more automation to enhance the excitement and emotion of the song. When I'm happy, I print it ;)

  3. Q: What's your strongest skill?

  4. A: Listening to what the artist wants. I always need to know what a song is about, what the story is telling. I think developing a great communication with the artist is crucial for the best results.

  5. Q: Analog or digital and why?

  6. A: Is hybrid a good answer? I love the sound of my summing box and the rest of my hardware. I can’t live without this bad boys. The artist I work love too, but I have to be able to do as many revisions we need. So what I do is: when I have a good balance and the song feels good to me and the artist I print individual stems with all of my hardware. Afterwards I’m completely ITB, so I can recall with seconds.

  7. Q: What do you like most about your job?

  8. A: What I love about my job is it doesn't feel like a job. I love being in the studio helping other artists to achieve what they want. There isn’t a greatest moment in this business than seeing someone getting thrilled after listening his mix. This is priceless.

  9. Q: Tell us about your studio setup.

  10. A: Pro Tools 12. Antelope Audio Orion 32 as AD/DA. Inward connections MIX690 as summing box. I use up to 16 hardware inserts such as: 1176’s, LA2A, Chandler Little Devils EQ’s and Comps, Tree Audio The Branch, SSL EQ, Tube Tech PE1A and ME1B, Thermionic Culture Phoenix, Neve 1073 LB EQ, Distressor EL8X or API 527’s. I use NS10 with a sub and Dynadio BM15 for monitoring. C24 for automation and plugin control.

YOUNG is an amazing song by PAVVLA

I was the Mixing Engineer and the Producer in this production

Terms Of Service

As many revisions as needed without extra additional cost. Turnaround time between 2 and 3 days if my schedule permits.

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  • Billie Eilish
  • Lorde
Gear Highlights
  • Inward Connections MIX690
  • Neve1073
  • SSL EQ's
  • Chandler Little Devil EQ's & Comp's
  • Thermionic Culture Phoenix
  • 1176's
  • LA2A
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